Download Failed on Recent Recorings

I have several new recorded videos from outdoor wyze camera’s but each time I go to watch them they play but I get the “download failed” message on screen when clicking to download??

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Have you sent in a log on this issue, if not I would send in a log from the app Account → Support → Submit a Log

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Thanks will try.

Sorry to hear this! Once you send in a log, please post the log number here so I can pass it to the team.

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76429 thanks


I have this problem too. My Log ID is 89730

I just logged in from another device. I was able to get the file from the 2nd device. However, My first device still can’t get the same file. I have rebooted the 1st device 3 times and killed the app a dozen times. It doesn’t make sense what is stopping my iPhone from getting the files I want.

Same issue here on my mothers phone. will not download the video clips. sometimes it works, but most time it does not and says failed. this is for Plus cam with longer clips. does not matter if on same wifi as the cam, or if on remote wifi.