Service Issue on 11/24 - Can not view live stream outside of local network

I have 2 locations (Home and Lake House) that are experiencing this issue. Notifications were still pushing to the app, but could not view live. I was able to remotely update each camera and all are back online now.

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1 of my cameras did not come back online at all and has a solid yellow light. Tried power cycling and then the 10 second reset. It does not reset and the yellow light stays solid? Did these issues damage the camera?

We’re sorry about that. Would you like the instructions for flashing firmware to see if you can bring it back? It’s completely optional but often works. As long as you’re in the US (due to our shipping limitations), we’d be happy to replace it for you if you can’t get it working again. We sometimes see solid, yellow lights after firmware upgrades so while the general server issue probably wouldn’t cause this (to my knowledge), it still may have happened due to this situation. We apologize.

Yes, how do I flash the firmware?

And on other 3 cameras cannot live view outside wifi. I tried the firmware link in your previous post. However it does not recognize my log in credentials. Just nothing working!

I’m not sure which cameras you have so I’ll give you all three links. :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that the login isn’t working! I… Don’t know how to troubleshoot that yet. I’m sorry. My best advice is to try a different device/browser but I don’t know if that would fix it.

Before I even type in the password, the login box says “wrong email” . I am certain the email is the same as my account.


Any estimate for how long we have to wait for this issue to be resolved?

I just got my cam and I don’t know if it will work, without much hassle, with my cellular network.

Thanks for your help.

Hello, tooraj!

Sorry about this being your introduction to your camera. I don’t have an ETA on the long-term fix yet but there is that temporary fix through firmware available if you need it. This is our top priority fix and our dev team has been working on it since we found out about the issue. We apologize for not having more information at this time but we’ll get this resolved ASAP.

It definitely should be. I’m going to tag @WyzeDongsheng here in case he has time to see this and has any other ideas.

I’m 1,200 miles away from my cameras. I have 3 cameras and can not view live on any of them. I’m still getting notifications, and after 4:43PM I can’t view the captured videos (network timed out after trying to download). I haven’t tried the upgrade link as I I doubt it will work since I can’t connect to my cameras.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. Using the web link above DOES upgrade my cameras remotely. At least one so far. I will try it on the other two. I have live view back on one and all the captured video clips are working again.

UPDATE 2: All 3 of my cameras are working with live view as are the captured video clips. Thank you!

I have v2 camera. From where do you download the firmware?

Thanks! The firmware files are actually attached to the post. They’re the .zip files on there.

Hi WyzeGwendolyn,

Thanks for the prompt response. Ok I updated the FW and now I can use the camera without WiFi and on my cellular network.
Now my question is after you guys resolved the issue, do I need to update the FW again?

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You’re welcome! Happy to hear that the firmware helped.

I honestly don’t know if there will be another firmware update after we find the resolution. We’ll post updates as we get more information. :slight_smile:

I have never had this problem ever since I got my first Cam In June Not even last week when there was the major problem But now, I checked last night and today, And I cannot get a live view on any of my 6 V2s While I’m on the cell network , Cam pan does work though

Ok, that worked. Camera is online wifi at least. Have not tried out of wifi. Hope this whole issue gets resolved soon!

Flashing the cameras via the remote UI brought my two cameras back up as well.

Also, as a UI designer, hats off to the team that made that site, nice and clean and slick. Now if they could just add other management functionality into it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll pass the kind words to the developer . :slight_smile:

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Aw, shoot. We’re sorry, HDRock. Do you want to try the temporary solution firmware fix?

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