Service Advisory - Cloud Issues - 1/5/2023

I’m going to read, “A letter from the founders, what to expect in 2023” a few more times… I especially like this part… “That day-one startup mentality will be ultra-focused in 2023, because this year, much like our first year in business, will be the year of the CAMERA”. mmmmm… can’t wait. “Ultra-Focused” - I’m all for that. I’d settle for “focused”… but ULTRA FOCUSED!!! wow.


Good move.

I’m going to have to drive a few miles now to go reset a few of the V2’s I own. It’s OK, Wyze… It’s only a little inconvenience, But hey, Wyze says it’s “2023 is The Year of The Camera”… can’t wait – oh boy!!!


Same here.

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Same here , monitoring tab doesn’t load and gets stuck on this…


My PanV1 and my Monitoring tab are now back to behaving. Looks like I can merge back into the express lane.

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My V2 and V3 events are now playing properly.

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I am a huge fan of Wyze products, and recommend them often.

My smart home ecosystem used to be SmartThings. Everything was cloud based, so when their servers went down, nothing worked locally or remotely. No lights, door lock, nothing, not even from the app.
After diagnosing a failure for 15 minutes then realizing it wasn’t on my end, I started looking elsewhere for a replacement ecosystem. Hubitat Elevation ticked all my boxes. Cut my internet, everything still works locally.

If Wyze offered a hub that everything connected to, with internal storage and battery backup, cloud issues would not cause these types of outages.


So this is a big problem I have with Wyze - everything INSIDE my house SHOULD NOT be dependent on an external network.
If my light bulb and motion sensor is connected to the Wyze equipment INSIDE my house, my light bulb should come on and off with motion as it’s configured.

I understand that cloud video playback would be impacted, but not as I’ve described above.


Monitoring tab now loading🥳


One of my V2s has been offline since 12 noon Hawaii time.

I came here because I was having issues for since before Christmas about no longer getting notifications and I finally decided to just reset both cameras and then couldn’t get them on. Saw this notice on the forum and that everything is up “except Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan”.

The thing is, the “Wyze Cam Pan” I actually got set up and re-configured properly and found a fix for the notification issue, but the Wyze Cam isn’t able to set up. Funny since it should be the other way around according to this service message…

1/5/23 4:29 PM PT - Our recovery is still in progress and more devices are connecting to our servers. We’re not there yet but our metrics continue to improve and we’re hearing positive feedback from customers about their devices being back online.


Yippy … I’m back online.

Edited … But motion and contact sensors are all showing online but none of them are triggering.

All good here now. Got my Cam Pan v1 setup and running again. My other cameras weren’t affected.

Can we get a status update once hour, even if it’s only to say status improving? I still have a mix of v2 and v3 cameras down and want to be sure to know when they -should- be back online.,

1/5/23 6:00 PM PT - Our devices are back at their normal connection metrics. If you’re still having trouble with your app, please try force closing the app and opening it again. If a device is not connecting, please try power cycling it. If those steps don’t do the trick, our support team at are here to help.


Update: All my Wyze cam v2s with sensors are all working.

Just checked. All my Cam V2 are online.

Suggestion: Please implement Wyze App status notifications when cameras go offline/online.

Also: this is far too many outages for what should be a reliable security related service.


My wyze sense v1 hub shows normal after bouncing my cam pan. However, sensors are not updating events.

Everything else seems normal across my family’s installation base.

EDIT-1: Disregard. My sensors seem to be fine today and I think they actually recovered in the wee hours eastern time. Had a window open when the outage occurred and I closed it during the outage so it failed open. Another open/close un-stuck it… :+1:t2: