Sensor hub volume has decreased considerably after latest update

My hub is finally at the same volume as when it was new. I do appreciate Wyze fixing that issue.

It seams that the remote chime/siren is no longer even being discussed.

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They are still discussing it. In fact, just barely in mid-June, the VP of Product told us they are working on offering a “universal chime” that can act as both a speaker/siren and a universal connection for products that don’t have WiFi:

Whenever these release, I will get some. I am hoping they will allow me to connect Bluetooth products like the Lock Bolt or scale or other things to WiFi!!! But I will also use them for the HMS siren and chiming noises throughout my house.

Stay tuned! VP told us they’re working on it!


Wow thanks!! That was way more information then I was expecting. Universal connection can mean so many things; 120v, Bluetooth, usb. So please keep us informed if you hear anything on the progress of this “universal chime”.

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Awesome, thanks guys.

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