Sensor hub volume has decreased considerably after latest update

How do we exactly vote on your feedback in that thread ?

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Oh I read the OPs post, by hearting the post is essentially the vote.

Everyone who has contributed in this discussion should please go and vote for Carver’s post. If you read what the OP said, she said the top issues (like count) will supposedly get to the team for the next sit down.

Ironically, the OP has posted here once before. She said the Wyze team was aware of our issue. Unfortunately the issue has still not been resolved.

Replacement hub has made ZERO difference. Is ANYONE at Wyze listening? I was originally told that this issue would be resolved within 3 weeks…That was almost 1 YEAR AGO! I would be ecstatic if there was a way to trigger an external alarm siren (perhaps using a Wyze plug?)! I have almost given up on ever getting this resolved. Noonlight is the ONLY GOOD part of this system. ‘Cmon Wyze please resolve this!

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Just to follow up for those following this thread, this is the latest Wyze response on this issue:

You can read the full original response to the Fix-it-Friday issues here:

So we have an official answer that the hub volume is staying where it is currently set with as a maximum, but that there will be other options made available to help with this (such as allowing it to link to the chimes), and more info will be forthcoming in the future. I was also thinking/hoping that Wyze should allow it to work with the cameras’ siren function too (my suggestion/opinion). I would like if they also allowed the HMS to link Google or Alexa speakers, or if they came out with a separate smart siren that can be really loud. Wyze did mention looking into a siren during one of the AMA’s they did last year on Reddit:

I would totally get that if it is still something they plan to do.

I was just posting a link to the latest update for those who are interested. I promised to bring it up for you when I could, and when I saw this chance I followed through, and here is the official answer for you.


Put me down for buying three. Maybe while they are working on this the could give us some rules for the hub too.

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Yes! I would love rules for the hub. I tried to find what has been said about this in past AMA’s, and found this related comment from Wyze:

I would recommend people vote for the following related wishlist items too:

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Thought some of you would appreciate the heads up in here.


Hopefully they will also address the connectivity issues created by the firmware update from 4/8 so those of us whose hubs were “Killed” by that update can get back on network…All 3 of my hubs will not longer connect after installing that update. (and you thought the update from March was bad…)

What’s the good news update ?

Firmware releasing today to Boost the Hub Volume: (April 25, 2022)

  • Enhanced Wyze Sense Hub audio volume

Thank you very much for the information.

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Preliminary findings of the 4/25 update ? I no longer own the unit but am still following along.

I had a friend use a real dB meter between the low volume firmware and the newer firmware and he demonstrated a significant increase from the lower volume we’d previously experienced.

I have not updated to any of the March or April firmware versions yet myself as I am waiting for the resolution to some reported connectivity issues with the March firmware first. Anyone who already installed prior March or April firmware should definitely upgrade to this one though. Like I said, my buddy confirmed to me that there was a significant volume increase with this firmware.


Looking forward to see others feedback on it.

  1. Is the new firmware volume as loud as it was originally prior to it being nerfed last fall?

  2. Are all sounds improved, siren, door entrance chime ?

Wise choice!

I have enough bricks :brick: in my foundation already. I did update in March but recovered to operational after some significant disruptions. Haven’t updated since and won’t until operational stability upon update can be vetted and confirmed.

We now know the reason WHY the hub volume changed previously. Here’s the latest update on the issue for everyone:


Hello, been a while since we all touched base.

To all existing home monitoring users: has the low volume issue been fully resolved ? Or just partially louder but not the way it once was?

At first we felt somewhat naked without a security system, now however we’ve grown used to not having it. It also helps that we’re in a relatively low crime town with also great neighbors.

Hopefully there’s some good news to report back.

Yeah it’s resolved. In fact I live in a condo building and as it does it’s countdown pings I’m often concerned the guy above me will say something because it’s pretty loud.

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Yeah, as I recall the stock firmware at launch said it was originally tested at 88db at 2 feet away.

One of my buddies used a dB meter and last year’s firmware dropped it down to 80.5dB at 2 feet and the new firmware tested back up to 88.4 dB at 2 feet on this new firmware that fixes the issue, so I would say it is resolved now. I think the dB level was fixed in April IIRC.

Thanks for noticing and making the initial report on this @grielli I am happy it is now back up to full volume again.


My hub is finally at the same volume as when it was new. I do appreciate Wyze fixing that issue.

It seams that the remote chime/siren is no longer even being discussed.

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