Security and safety Improvement suggestion

Make the Wyze more smart for security and safety purposes by including the alarm button on the live screen or when a notification is sent that you can immediately activate the alarm without having to go to the menu to get to it. During an emergency that couple of seconds makes a huge difference.

For what it’s worth, Wyze has started adding a link to the bottom right of some notifications that includes a link that says something like “Emergency” and if you click that it will go straight to dialing 911 iOS and Android each do this slightly differently depending on what the OS allows…one will immediately dial it for you and the other will load it into the phone but make you actually press the call button so it doesn’t happen on accident).

I don’t know which type of events Wyze is putting this on for right now, it might just be person detection events, or be a public beta thing, but they may extend this to more notifications too like the HMS notifications. That would definitely make sense. Basically I just wanted to let you know that Wyze is currently working on something like this, but it seems to be in the initial stages and I am not sure which notifications will all be included.

Thanks for your reply

Looking forward to seeing the new add ons.

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