Emergency response - Beta

I’d like to test the emergency response, but I have not yet found instructions as to what happens when the emergency bell icon is clicked? Does an alarm go off? Someone calls me? Someone calls 911?

So hopefully I am not rehashing a previously asked question. But what should I expect when the emergency icon is clicked?

David V.

The Emergency Button is not longer in beta. Wyze is only saying Pilot because it is currently free but will be a paying subscription later on this year. When you push the Emergency Button it will actually activate and you will receive a text from Noonlight stating that they have received the alert. If you do not enter your pin in the Wyze app or reply to them stating that you are ok the Police will be sent to your house. Once again the Emergency Button is NOT in testing mode. It should only be used in Emergencies as Wyze has previously stated. I will try to find a support article and link it here.

Edit Here is the link to the support page for the Emergency Button: Emergency Button Support Page

Here is a statement from Wyze on their Support Page: image


Ok. Cool. Thanks.

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Do you know if this will be the same for the personal detection currently marked as pilot?

Person Detection is currently free and Wyze has said it will continue to be free after it is out of pilot. It is in pilot because it’s not perfect yet.


Thank you. I’ve had wyze cams since late 2017, built up quite a few, would hate to loose that feature or continue to buy more cams if that feature is going away