Feature request - emergency number

Hi. It would be great if the android and iphone apps could be linked to a phone contact or be able to open up the phone dialer with a phone number populated.

The other day an alert went off while we were out. It happened to be the sun coming out from behind some clouds. However, my wife asked me, what would we do if we saw someone who wasn’t supposed to be there? We were out of the 911 zone for our house and it got me thinking.

We would need to create a contact to our local PD, or better yet, have the Wyze App be able to open a contact or open the dialer with the phone number for me! Put it on the notifications screen, or maybe the devices screen?

What do you think?

Personally, I think it’s unnecessary. Just put your local PD and/or fire dept in your phone’s contacts.

I think that opens an entire can of worms where if something happened where it could be hacked, then all your info on your phone could be accessed. You could look at it as …you aren’t home oh a break in, glad I am not there to be harmed.

Installing any app on your phone could result in it being hacked. The Wyzecam app already has full network access on your phone.

How would being able to link a contact or add a phone number result in any bigger threat?

Having that link just saves some steps, in my opinion, of having to get to your contacts and locate the contact you need. Especially if you’re already amped up because of what you saw.

First of all, unless you are WAY away from home (like, out of the country or at least many states away) call 911. You would be amazed at how well most 911 call centers can find the numbers and get calls transferred. On the other hand, having a private company trying to keep the phone numbers for 5,783 Primary and secondary 911 call centers up to date would be damn near impossible, and take a massive amount of time. I would rather that Wyze spend their resources making the product and apps work better rather than tying up resources trying to keep an extensive phone list up to date.

As was suggested, put your local law and fire dispatch numbers into your phone contacts list (use a speed dial button - if your phone supports that).

Yes, I work in that field.

That’s not what I mean at all.

I don’t want them to manage emergency numbers across the globe… simply be able to tie one of my personal phone contacts or a number that I plug in personally so that I can hit a button in the WyzeCam app and open up the phone dialer.

Phone apps can easily access your contact list. An app could also easily store a 10 digit number and open the phone dialer with that number pre-populated. It’s 3 lines of code to open an Android dialer:

Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_DIAL);


Yes, I was missing what you intended. Thank you for the clarification John.