How Can I Find Info For The Emergency Button HMS?

It appears you can not use the emergency button in test mode. I can not find any info what happens when you press it monitoring mode.

Does it set off the alarm in the hub? If you have your unit disarmed but need to press the button, is the emergency button still active? Is there a way to test this feature without triggering a response?

Since this button sends an immediate emergency response alarm there needs to be some clear guidance how to use this feature properly.

The support area is where most Wyze documentation resides. You apparently can test & cancel using your PIN. However, remember this is a new system, and the software may not be completely mature yet:

Thanks for the information. I am still not sure if the emergency button on the keypad is active on disarm mode. An example, if someone comes to the door and you open it to speak to them and then they try to gain entry can you just press the button on the keypad to activate the alarm? Do you need to enter your pin in the keypad to activate the alarm?

Typically the panic button alerts the monitoring company regardless of alarm mode. To cancel alarm you can put in your pin but the alarm company will still call and ask for your safe word.

That is what I was hoping for I am also assuming the alarm will immediately sound with no delay. Too bad they don’t let you experiment with this in test mode instead of waiting for an emergency to figure out exactly how it works, and making sure the button actually works without the chance for triggering a false alarm.

Yes, push and hold the button and it should set the alarm off, I unplugged my home Internet and tested the system (this way it would not contact anyone). I thought it was supposed to be a silent alarm but it was not.
Also you need to push and hold the button. If you just push it, the keypad will tell you to push and hold to trigger the alarm. And if you’re in an emergency situation, having, I don’t think it will be helpful if it prompts you to hold the button in order to call. (So I push and hold the button).

Hope that helps

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