Emergency Button on HMS Keypad Not Triggering

I just set up the HMS and got everything paired and working as intended except for the emergency button on the side of the keypad. If I short press, it says hold longer for the emergency button to work, when I hold it longer it does not trigger anything. I tried it with and without entering the pin and while it was armed or disarmed. Is there a setting I am missing? I am using it in test mode right now.

Did you ever find out about this? I’m also wondering if the emergency button works in test mode.

I think you may have hit the nail on the head. I read on another post about the button being a direct panic button to NoonLight doing nothing on the hub like turning on the siren. I don’t think it does anything until you exit test mode.

Link to the other post on this:

I found out a little more but not enough. The button seems like it has zero effect in test mode. I am a bit nervous to try it in monitoring mode, I was warned that the software was not mature yet and it’s a possibility once triggered it is possible to have a glitch so as not to be able to call it off. On the app there was statement pop up about the app panic alarm that it was a silent alarm, but I thought I read the keyboard emergency button would trigger the siren. So I am still not sure of all the rules and features of the emergency buttons. I hope others can help with this.