Red button?

Wyze Sense Keypad what is the red button on the side of the key pad for??

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The red button on side of the keypad is a panic button. Hold it in for a few seconds and the police will be called unless you cancel it with your safe word when the alarm company calls.


There is also a small icon of the same picture on the monitoring tab in the upper right corner in app. I’ve never pressed it but I am sure it functions the same. :slight_smile:


No where in the instructions does it say, there is no picture telling the buttons or anything, just saying……

Yes, looked over my manual as well when you posted the question (undocumented feature). :woman_shrugging:

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Does anyone know if pressing the panic button will trigger the monitoring center to call you to confirm the alarm, or will they immediately dispatch without contacting you first? Same question for the panic icon in the app’s upper right corner.

Push it and find out! That’s the only way you will really know for sure.

Can you add another number for call back in case first person is not home or not reachable?

What about the white oblong button??

It’s not a button. I think it’s the PIR sensor for turning on keypad lights when you approach.