Panic Button

Wyze, can you make a stand-alone Panic Button that can be placed anywhere, that is connected to the wyze alarm system. It should be able to sound an alarm and send notifications to all users in this home. Please Please make this, or tell me who does and I will switch over to that company. This is something everyone can use. We can put these panic button in our kids rooms. This is needed so badly. Stop making useless product’s and make this…Please.

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Check out these wish lists, which either could apply to your wants.


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I would also welcome this product. I previously voted for both of the #wishlist topics linked.

Until that happens though, some possible alternatives:

Each Keypad has a Panic Button on the side that activates the alarm. These can be placed anywhere in the house. This would probably be the most reliable and easiest to set up.

I have Echo Dots in the house. I wanted to use those with voice commands to be able to activate the Panic Button. But, since there are no Actions for the HMS in Rules, and no HMS integration with Alexa, I had to get creative and use an App called MacroDroid to make it happen. When I tell Alexa my secret Panic Alarm phrase, she alerts my phone which triggers the MacroDroid macro to unlock my phone, open the Wyze App to the Monitoring tab, press the panic button, and confirm the alarm.

I could also use any Alexa compatible Smart Button or Smart Switch as the trigger to do this. Even a smart bulb would work as the trigger although there is the potential for false activations.

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It will be nice to have a small necklace type panic button for elder people. It will be even better if it as a build-in fall detection. This will lock to the home security system.

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