Medical Emergency Device/Fob

New to Wyze and it looks like a great product and community. Has there been any thought in having an emergency fob which someone with a medical emergency could use to alert the individual(s) monitoring the Wyze cam? If in the same room as the cam the cam could pan to the fob location to observe what might be happening. If the individual is outside the range of the cam an alert could still be sent out. A fall, a stroke, or other incapacitating emergency where an individual cannot get to a phone would benefit from an alert system which Wyze could fulfill given its innovative functionality.

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Interesting idea and one that I don’t think has been brought up before. So I’ve moved your topic to #roadmap so you and others can vote for it. Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.


Thank you Loki.


Hi, yes, I am setting up a Wyze system for my 91yr old mother at her independent senior living facility. We have a separate cellular emergency response panic wristband (with a tactual feedback pushbutton and LED light) on her now. If you offered a similar wristband (or perhaps a pendent necklace version), we could potentially eliminate this separate service. Note: We have several siblings local to mom, so if we all got the notification, one us will call her (before we call 911).

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I would also like a wearable emergency call that was part of the HMS. We have Alexa throughout and I’ve told my mom she can always ask Alexa to call for help (which rings me) if needed, a button that rang a monitored service would be an immense help to us carers of elderly.