Fall Detection

It would be fantastic to implement AI to detect a fall.

Having elderly parents or grandparents is very difficult and especially when they live alone.
Or no nursing staff for an extended period of time.

Trying to get them to wear a panic button, or gyrosensor is also hard as they forget to wear them or simply refuse to.

With a camera that has the AI ability - nothing needs to be worn and those looking after them can be alerted to a fall.

Not 30 minutes ago I tripped off my front step when my heel dropped into an animal dugout next to the step. I tucked and rolled and managed to not seriously injure myself, but I am on disability for, among other things, back problems. Fall detection for alert purposes would immediately contact my wife, and capture the video for insurance purposes. Falls are taken seriously by medical professionals, since both what caused the fall and the injuries sustained during the fall are equally important, especially if it was instigated by a medical malady (unlike me tripping).


I wholeheartedly agree with this suggested fall tracking feature. I acquired Wyze specifically to be able to monitor my mother while I was at work. She is at risk for “catastrophic falls” and just an hour ago a neighbor texted me over concern from hearing moaning sounds: my mother had fallen in the bathroom in the middle of the night and forgotten to use the call button on her neck to summon me. I used the playback feature and, sure enough, the sound of her hitting the floor was quite loud. If cameras could be calibrated to assume such sounds were likely a fall and send an urgent alert it would be a game changer! As it was my mom quietly lay on the floor—luckily uninjured—for over FOUR HOURS. I can pursue other fall detection systems of course, and will since her safety is important, but it would be wonderful if Wyze could offer this instead. I support your product and have told countless numbers of people about it, encouraging them to acquire your cameras…


This should be a feature in the newly announced Wyze Watch as well.


The ability to be notified when a person has fallen (I assume through either a radar mechanism or image detection?).

My specific need is for my aging Father. He lives alone. He has been in several situations where he fell and it took us awhile to figure this out. This caused unnecessary trips to the hospital…which then caused a significant decrease in his overall health (just from the agitation and atrophy that goes on being in the hospital).

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Hard Fall Detection is usually done via accelerometer, but agreed, it’s a feature that any smartwatch/fitness tracker should have in order to compete with the other devices on market.


I assume it NOT be on a watch but rather on the camera using features such as either image detection or similar wireless tech as used in devices such as this one.

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I think a fall sound might be difficult to detect. But maybe instead someone yelling, using the word “help” would be easier to detect.

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This would be an important addition to the watch. Is there any indication that Wyze is or might work on this addition?

Hi. I have lost two elderly family members to falls because no one was in the house when they fell and no one knew to come help.

My mom is in her own home and does pretty well. She can’t wear a watch and I don’t think she’d get up and put on a necklace right out of bed. She has an Alexa in every room so if she falls and remains alert, she can call for help.

My concern is, what if she can’t speak? A camera wouldn’t be useful because she’ll be moving around and triggering the alerts.

Could you create a program that ignores the normal movements of walking, getting in and out of chairs and bed but alerts when a person falls onto the floor?

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Yes! What I need from my camera that would be invaluable to me would be fall detection. If the camera could recognize someone doing a certain full-body action, such as falling, or even a lack of action (say a programmable period of time that allows the camera to watch for micro-actions like breathing or twitching, and lack of them triggers the cam) and then raise an alarm through the room or alert on the phone, that would be amazing. I am a full-time caregiver for my dad who has early onset Alzheimer’s and as my dad has regressed he has become much more of a fall hazard. Much of the time he wishes to wander the house, which is fine, but he attempts to sit on chairs that don’t exist or he falls asleep standing up, resulting in a fall. We have a WYZE camV2 which is invaluable, especially at night when we are both in bed as it allows me to look in on him without waking him up with his door (or the dogs running in). I would love to be able to not be in the room or even be able to take the dogs out in the yard for a few minutes and be notified if he falls down or falls from bed. Now I can’t be out of earshot without worry. The camera would have to be able to track the body movements to know a fall from something else, because my father is mostly nonverbal now and can’t yell for help.

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I agree. Would help families like us with kids suffering from seizure disorder. Hopefully an update comes with this feature.

Utilize fall detection on cameras for use with the elderly in their house.

I’ve got several Wyze system components and cameras set up in and outside my elderly father’s house. It would be an amazing addition if the cameras could detect a person falling and automatically alert an emergency contact.