Elderly, fall detection, appliance switches

We bought the wyze system to monitor my FIL with dementia. He had a fall outside and couldnt remember what happened. Thought his knee gave out. Luckily, my neighbor had video and we were able to see that he actually passed out!

I belong to some social media support groups. One with over 50,000 people. Some common issues we have that could be helped with AI and other system integrations:

  1. Fall detection. An AI algorithm that could detect adrupt cessation of motion below a specified plane or something?
  2. Appliance controls. I used to flip the breaker to the stove, but my FIL figured that out. Pulling the stove out is a pain. It would be great to control the stove through the app like you can the switches and wallplugs. Seems easy enough? Just a brick that plugs into the outlet and allows the stove to be connected.

There is such a need for these and someone could really corner the market on this!

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This would have to be a very heavy duty switch for a 220 volt electric oven.

My wife tried taking care of her father in the early stages but was not trained on what to expect. From exposing himself, ripping the tv off the wall, trying to drink fabric softener, he was a handful. Also he was a ‘sundowner’ awake at night and sleep during the day.

A medical necklace would report a fall if your FIL agrees to wear it.

You belong to support groups so you are aware the day will come when professional help is needed.

It is my hope this terrible disease will be eradicated in my lifetime.

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