Geriatric Independent Living. New Device ideas

Currently my wife is Home Care Aide (AKA Personal Support Worker here in Ontario Canada) assisting family members with home nursing and respite care for these clients with aging parents. I would like to be able to provide the Wyze product line to enhance the care to my wife’s clients and family.

Having personal insight into the needs of Dementia/Alzheimer or house bound clients and their necessity in the early stages of their ailment to be independent will be beneficial information moving forward.

There are certain needs both for the afflicted and the family to be sure there is a safety factor and there are many ways to monitor their well-being. One is the visual aspect offered with the strategic placement of Cameras throughout the inside and outside of the home. Another is Motion sensors in more private area’s like washrooms, changing areas or areas where camera’s would be difficult to monitor. While also including Door alarms with push notification to inform when a specific named door would be opened.

There are many additional opportunities to consider for the ageing population with the following hardware implementation. Some of these mechanisms are in play. As was the camera which your team made very affordable. I would hope that same research could be adapted to these other devices.

Pressure sensitive bed/chair pads can alert with the same push notification when a client/patient would get out of a chair or bed, alerting recipients of a person leaving or using a resting area. Named pressure sensitive Floor mats could be used in (eg) bathrooms, in front of toilets, showers ,bath tubs, kitchen sinks alerting of presence in more specific areas of the room or home.

Keeping hydrated and proper eating are other areas of priority. The same door monitors can be used on fridges alerting or the intention to eat. Where cooking is of a concern this could alert someone to check the Kitchen camera to see what is being made safely. Hydration is another important factor. Even Dementia and Alzheimer clients are habitual, cups and drinking receptacle’s will always be kept in the same convenient area. Pressure sensitive coasters would alert if there is use or non-use, directing recipients of the notification to take the appropriate actions. Health Automation has even reached the level of pill dispensing with pill cases being monitored with push notifications of use or non-use when a tab is opened on the container. Or electronically locked if it isn’t the time or day to take the pill.

GTX Corporation have implemented GPS insoles for shoes for those who do eventually wander away from a location outside of the home. A Wyze endeavour to consider.

In summary I would like to close with this thought…With an ever ageing population; Wouldn’t it be Wyze to dip ones toes into the geriatric pool?

As a well-seasoned citizen, I have to add my agreement and :+1::+1: to your post/suggestions. There are alternatives out there but they extremely expensive.


Thank you so much for taking the time to write us! I absolutely love the idea of using Wyze products to improve the lives of those living with Dementia/Alzheimers. Our goal is to make accessible products that can be used in a variety of situations to accomplish goals that we never would have thought of. It’s so inspiring to see how affordable, easy to use tech can change lives. I hope Wyze Cam and Wyze Sense will help your wife with her work and you can share it with others that could benefit. I also think the concept of some sort of pressure sensor is really interesting! It’s unlikely we’ll make a product for one of the specific use-cases you mentioned, but there’s a good chance we can think of a solution that can be used for many different problems (while still addressing your concerns).

thanks again for your post and please let me know if you think of any other ideas!


Thanks Mr. Sobaski for your late night reply and taking time to respond in the open-ended informative matter I was looking for. As we’re in Canada we’ll have to wait for to have them, for us to order. I am sure this format of many minds coming together will garner some unique ideas utilizing current products and spurn spin off adaptations from the Wyze team which will make our lives more informed, safer and liveable. Keep up the great work!

Would love to be able to setup wyze sense motion detection to have an alert when there is no movement for a certain amount of time. For monitoring elderly parents. If no movement in the hall for 12 hours I would be alerted. Great products. Got mine today.

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is there someway to incorporate the IFTT app that is now fully integrated with the WYZE hardware…Mabye someone know’s how to set that up and offer a work around for you…

They have a section for this great idea!

I believe it’s called “Road Map”?

Post it there so folks can vote on it!

My dad will be 97 n spends 10 hrs+ a day alone.

An old skool tech hater,
Who’s turned down Life alert (8yrs str8). Won’t learn to use a cellphone n needs a walker, which he occasionally forgets to use. Also Refuses all safety fearures, except for walker n shower grab bars!

We won’t get into the Hme Hlth Aides in today’s lesson, either! Cantankerous isn’t the word!

Only a person spending 24 hrs alone could beat this!

So, post it there too!

To get voted On & maybe they will take a look @ this feature / idea!

U n I just opened an entire market for the devices!

Call it, “Wyse Cam n Sense Eldercare” (if true, I / We should get a pct. (%). Plus lifetime free products!) :wink:

Exactly what I was thinking. This could open up a whole new direction for Wyze. Seems like an easy thing to add. Just let the user pick the number of hours with no motion to alert us. My mother is 84 and lives alone. She was happy for me to put the motion detector in her house but I have to check it several times a day.

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I agree Paul. Their Disclaimer for Wyze does warn that this is not a life saving device. I reside in Canada and am waiting for them to be made available through … this has so much potential as an afforedable tool to alert concerned family members on a wide array of situationls for their elderly parents who deserve the dignity of staying at home.

Ur lucky!

Mine’s, anti tech, anti new age safety n anti social!

Wish her a happy Mom’s day from Da WyzeGuy’s!

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Hello Everyone from the Geriatric Independent Living group:
Take a look at my idea/Tip for Stove Sense.
This idea really helps out Seniors who forget to turn off the Stove Heaters.
Stove Sense Idea
Enjoy Robert

How cool it would be to have a small pressure sensor form wyze. I could use to turn the lights off when i get into bed : ) Lol… You could become the Lego of home automation guys, think about it

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There are so many systems that very with EMS services. I think with the Wyze sense in place and different products to use on person and surrounded areas of the home inside and out would be awesome. I would be happy to pay for the services.

I would like to see a great inexpensive product for the elderly such as Med-Alert . That give security to families of elderly individuals. Preferably a device that could be worn or voice activated like Alexa if you forgot your necklace, bracelet etc. Maybe even provide two way communication. Please note there are still a lot of areas that do not have high speed internet so possibly another line of products or the capability to call from a landline or built in cell service for the device in that case.

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So what does everyone think about a system for seniors??? I’ve been looking for an alarm service with life alert built in or as an add on feature on for my grandmother.

What do you guy think about this?

What about adding fall detection to the watch and If the person doesn’t respond to the watch in enough time. It’s send text messages out to people on a list.

So many ideas turning in this brain of mine.

**really great ideas. Which would make wyze that much better! Continue to do great things wyze team

Welcome to the forum.

That’s one of the better ideas that’s been posted. My Mom would never know where her watch was though. :slight_smile:

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Seconded! I’ve installed Alexa in my mom’s where if she calls out from anywhere in her house she can call me or my sister if she can’t get to a phone. She adds her appointments to her calendar with Alexa. She also has reminders for meds. Now Alexa is getting a little more conversational, she gets a kick out of conversing. The only problem with doing some of these things is she sometimes has trouble remembering the commands. Since she has ARMD, the voice commands for lights, tv are helpful. Tho the tv ops aren’t as breezy as Amazon would have you believe.

The point being… I think a lot of us are dealing with aging adults and appreciate any company that can provide solutions that allow them to maintain independence- very important to my mom at 93!

i got alot of camera for my mum and we share the feed of the camera so i can make sure she is ok …
but could you make a alert message to let me know is fell or got hurt and she scream HELP it sends a message to my wyze app or phone

I maybe wrong,

But my long since retired Original Wyze band (itchy silicone), had such a feature.

Great for conscious falls.

Lucky me,
I have Alexa in my 4 of my 5, most visited rooms.

My basement will make 5 of 5. :thinking:

Devices for the elderly

Just realized it would be create if Wyze had a wanderer device, device that can detect when a person has left their bed or chair and it sounds an alarm through the app. Could be part of the home monitoring package.

This came from a recently event with my parents both elderly and they fell out of their bed and chair and it was awhile before anyone could help them, so we looking for a device now but would be nice if this could be available via Wyze

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