Using WyzeCam for alerting when elderly fall-prone parent tries to get out of bed

I thought i would share this. It was a unique situation, but Wyze really helped.

We had my wife’s 89 year of father staying in our home, while waiting to enter an assisted living facility. Unfortunately, he fell while getting out of bed overnight, and we didn’t know until the next morning. He was ok. But, because of his age, and overall stubbornness, he continued to try to get up by himself the next night, with similar results.

Because our bedroom was on the other side of the house, we had no real options. Then I remembered my Wyze cam. I set it up near the floor, looking down the side of the bed. I set the motion detection area to only capture the area where his feet would go as he sat up and started to try to get out of bed.

Then, using IFTTT, I set up a script that received the motion event, and turned on a Phillips Hue light next to my bed. Additionally, IFTTT called my cell phone with a message about the motion.

The next night, I was able to be woken up, and make it into the bedroom before my father-in-law had time to try to stand up. After that, we had no more overnight falls (although I had many wake up calls and tired days).

Wyze paid for itself many times over, helping to protect our Poppy.


That was a great idea.

I’m old. I get up and go to the bathroom at least three times a night. I setup an Alexa routine. I use a motion sensor at floor level to turn on a strip of LEDs. Alexa senses the response from the sensor, turns on the LEDs for 2 minutes. By then, I am back and in bed. Two minutes after it lights, the LEDs are out. The LEDs even have a control that allows me to set a brightness.

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