Automatic check in on a loved one living home alone

Notified if motion has NOT been detected for so many hours. To help keep tabs on an older loved one living home alone.

This is already available in the app via Shortcuts. Please see the following support article, Sense Shortcuts.

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I see an option to perform an action if motion has been clear for a certain amount of time, but the actions available are only to turn notifications on or off for a device. Cameras have additional actions like “Upload a short video to the cloud” but that’s not exactly a notification unless uploading a video to the cloud triggers a notification.

You’re right. That’s all I could find, too. I could have sworn that action was there when I was doing testing. I’m going to test the “Upload a short video to the cloud” to see what it does. I’ll move this item to #wishlist.

There’s also this topic:

Well I would love to see the option trigger notification if motion is NOT detected for # hours.