Notifications when no motion is detected (lack of motion)

Would love to be able to setup wyze sense motion detection to have an alert when there is no movement for a certain amount of time. For monitoring elderly parents. If no movement in the hall for 12 hours I would be alerted. Great products. Got mine this week. Loving these.

There is any way that the Wyze camera motion detection can be set-up to alert when there has been No motion detected for a specific time lapse? like 8hrs.
I have a Wyze camera at my elderly mother’s apartment monitoring the main living area and entry door. I live very faraway. And It will be fantastic to get an alert when the camera does not detect ant movements for a long period of time.
I will appreciate knowing if that feature is possible to be configured.
Thank you

You can do it with the current app and Wyze Motion Sensor.

The sensor kits are available for purchase here: Home Monitoring & Automation – Wyze.

The Wyze Sense user manual and support can be found here:

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Note that while this request has been launched via use of Wyze Sense, it is still not possible (as of this writing) to trigger a rule based on camera not detecting motion. Here is the active Wishlist topic that addresses that feature: