Indoor camera no motion notification

how do I setup my camera to notify me when there is no movement for a little while? I am using it to monitor my 3d printer and would like to get notified when the printer is done so I can turn everything off. Hopefully someone knows how to be able to set this up in the app, I am using a wyze cam with the Iphone app

I don’t think it’s possible with the Wyze cam. It detects motion, not lack thereof. Maybe IFTTT could do what you need but not sure. Possibly something with RTSP but nothing native to the Wyze app. Only the motion sensors have the setting to act if no motion is detected for some period of time.

There is apparently a LOT of activity in this area. Some people use the special webcam firmware on the V2s in combination with OBS and/or dedicated software.

Good to know…however I was responding to whether it could be done in the Wyze app.