Use Wyze cam3 for senior monitoring support - create notification rule

I am planning to install a Wyze Cam3 for a senior family member who lives alone. I wish to create a rule: when no person detection within 24 hrs, send a notification to me via App. Is this doable? It appears I can only achieve the opposite, ie. no notification when person detected. I need ‘when no person detection in 24hrs, trigger notification’.

I don’t wish to view camera unless no person detected in a specific zone (such as hall way to kitchen or bathroom) within 24 hours time. Otherwise the family member might feel no privacy at his/her place.

Any suggestions? Thanks!!

You can set a reminder on your phone to manually check for person detection on that camera every day, but there is no Wyze rule that says if you don’t receive a person detection after x hours, then notify. You can add something to the Wishlist if you like.

Chances are the family member already feels compromised because there is a camera someone can view. But you might counter that by having the person wave to it each day, and keep it in an uncompromising place. The hallway sounds fine for that as long as they are aware, and you only see the hallway. :slight_smile:

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@rachelZ, Any? You did say any. So, here’s mine. Family member is far more precious than watching squirrels or cars going down the street. So, I would invest a bit more. I would look at some motion sensors in the hall, or kitchen, maybe even under the family member’s bed.

I would not use Wyze, Home monitor system. I would look at several others. Look at some video reviews on YouTube under Smart Home reporters. I like Yolink, particularly for their long long battery life, and range. But you will have to make a mount for their round one. So, maybe not the best for you. One of the most recent and very good sensors is the Aqara P1 these days. Sensitive and granular settings. You will need to add an Aqara hub, but then again, nearly everthing requires a hub these days.

You might also consider an Echo device. Because you can create and manage the Amazon account, adding contacts such as other family member phone numbers, your phone number, and 9-1-1. You family member could be laying on the floor temporarily disabled, and call for help via the Echo device - non-emergency and emergency.

The rules, Alexa routines that you setup via the account you manage, can be adjusted or disabled, as needed without physically going to family members residence just to remove, if privacy becomes an issue.

You could still put the Wyze cam where you choose, and be less invasive while the motion sensors only pickup movement or body heat. Settings in the apps are going to give you the choices for Detect or non-detect. Frankly, no detect for 24 hours - is in my opinion, too long.

Family member? Worth the reasonable expense and effort. But that’s just me.

Thank you for your thoughtful inputs.

The reason I wish to have a notification when no motion at a specific (must pass through) part of the home for over 24 hrs, is to be able to be alerted in case the senior person had a situation preventing him/her to move, to call for help etc.

Covid lockdowns had isolated some seniors at certain part of the world, for extended time (days, weeks, or even months) without visitors.

I am not looking for a ‘cover-all scenario’ monitoring system yet.