Rules do not work with Person detection

with the old Person Detection i had a rule set up in the wyze app that when a person is detected turn on a wyze plug. after getting the new person detection this rule no longer works. i have tried restarting the camera and deleting and re-creating the rule but neither worked.


not one answer? not a comment? not even a question for me? why is my issue not getting any response from support? i have asked here, and i have asked in the Facebook Beta group as well. Very, very disappointing

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Sorry about that @mmenzie. Can you walk me through the Rule you’ve created so I better can understand what’s going on?

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its a rather simple rule:

when: My Wyzecam V2 “detects a person”

do: turn on Wyze plug

thats it. all in the wyze app, no third part apps and all wyze products.

Sorry about you being neglected. I for one hadn’t seen your post.
I assume this is what you are talking about:

I haven’t had time to test it but I will and post back ASAP. I assume there is no time part to the rule?

no time involved at all. looks exactly like your rule

You have Person detection on but are you whitelisted to actually use it? This was being done in a gradual rollout of the Wyze provided PD to avoid overloading the servers with a sudden surge. Assuming you are here’s what I found. I tried the rule on two different cams, one Pan and one V2. There are a couple of things that could be causing your problem.
In the app:
Home Screen/Account/Wyze Services/Person Detection set to on for desired cam. If it is already on, turn it off for a few seconds and turn it back on.
-settings/ event recording/detects motion - on. Schedule: set to all day
-settings/Notifications/Person set to on. Send notifications set to on.
-settings/Detection Settings/Detection Zone : if set to on be sure it covers the area you want to trigger the rule and sensitivity is set up at least medium high. These are the things I checked and set on my cams. I also restarted them, checked again, then power cycled them and checked yet again.
All that being said, @mmenzie, you are right. The rule simply would not work. I tried these steps in a sequence to try to trouble shoot this but I could not get it to work at all. I’m going to tag in the other @Mavens to see if any of them have any ideas, and also flag @NumberOne so he can see what steps have been taken.
Again- sorry about the lack of response.

I’m not using Person detection at all , at the present time


Thanks anyhow!

Sorry if I missed it somewhere, but are either of you (@tomp or @mmenzie) receiving the app notifications for “person detected”? Or is it both the app notification AND the rule trigger which arnt working? I don’t use PD so unable to test myself.

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I am receiving app notifications on one cam but not the other. I am assumingI an approved for active PD since I get the notifications on i other cams.
It appears to me that the rule is just not working. I have had problems with other rules recently also.

Hello all,
Yes i am whitelisted for the person detection. Also, yes i am getting notifications stating “Person Detected” not just motion detected. The rule just does not work. when i had this orininally setup when i first got the V2 cam, it was on the original person detection firmware and the rule worked fine.

Okay. Obviously there is a problem. Glad we got that confirmed!
You said you did not get any response from Support, which to me means that you must have opened a ticket with Wyze Support If you could provide that ticket number I will see if I can get someone higher up the chain to investigate the lack of response.

I seriously thought i opened a ticket with support. i remember doing it on my phone but yet i dont see a ticket. i did ask in the Facebook Beta group and the original post in these forums as well. not sure where my ticket has gone but its not listed under my username :frowning:

Ok-that’s fine. If you would, open another ticket Here and post the ticket number back here. I will tag someone once we have a ticket number who can hopefully get eyes on it.

should i open it as hardware (cam) support or Software (wyze app) support?

My guess is that it’s going to be a software issue. Ultimately it probably won’t matter. We we just want to get someone on the issue.

Ticket 517881 was created. i had to add in all sorts on info that was unrelated just so i could get the “submit” button to allow me to click it

No worries. I’m going to ask the Forum @moderators to please take a look, and since it’s taken a while see if someone could check on your ticket #.


Thanks for tagging @tomp.

@mmenzie, I have pushed this up to a higher group to see if I can get an answer. If I don’t get a good answer, then I’ll try to get Wyze to expedite your ticket. Feel free to bug me if you don’t hear back in a day or so.

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