Create event /notification if not motion for 30min

Hi, is it possible to create rules that send notification if no motion for 30min let say?
I’m on V2 camera and Android.


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Hmm…not in the conventional way, but probably in a tricky way using plugs or another app like MacroDroid.

I am thinking you could set up a rule that anytime motion is detected, it turns on the plug for 30 minutes.
Then a second rule that says to turn the plug off after it has been on for 30 minutes.
Then have the plug send you a push notification any time the plug turns off.

Now any time you get a notification that the plug turned off, you’ll know it means that the camera went 30 minutes without motion being detected.

You could probably do something similar through Alexa, or @SlabSlayer could tell you how to use MacroDroid to do it in a much more fancy way with any custom notification you want.

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Thanks Carverofchoice, will check that MacroDroid, though name is bit scary for me as I’n no a techy.


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Thanks for the Tag @carverofchoice.

There isn’t anything within the Rules Engine in the Wyze app that will trigger based on a Cam not detecting motion. Everything is based on Motion Detection. But, as was indicated, it can be done if you get creative.

Unfortunately, a Wyze Plug does not have any Push Notification capability, so it alone can’t do the job if you want a Notification when there has been no motion.

MacroDroid with the Wyze App is really only useful when monitoring for an incoming Wyze Notifications. When the notification comes in with the matching text, MacroDroid can play a custom notification tone for you, display the text of the notification or custom text as multiple types of on screen popups, or even send a Webhook Virtual Smart Button press to Alexa to execute a Custom Routine.

The key to using MacroDroid is getting a Notification… and the Cam can’t do that for a lack of motion… and the Plug can’t do that at all. So they have to work together and it requires Cam Plus.

What you would do is to setup the cam as normal if you want notifications on motion or Person Detection and such. Assuming you want a notification when the cam has not seen motion for 30 minutes:

Create a Wyze Trigger Rule: When Cam A Detects Motion, Turn On Wyze Plug for 1 minute.

Create a second Wyze Trigger Rule. When Wyze Plug has been Off for 29 minutes, Upload a Short Video to the cloud on Cam A.

If you have Cam Plus, that upload will result in a Push Notification being sent to your phone “Smart Alert Detected on Cam A”. That is the notification you will look for that indicates a lack of motion for 30m.

If you have MacroDroid, Tasker, BuzzKill, or FilterBox; you can then program a script to look for “Smart Alert Detected on Cam A” and play a tone or.launch a pop-up.

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If you have Sense motion sensor, you can set this as the trigger.

Thanks all guys / and girls/. I will do my Homework. @tle did you mean that sensor for V2 Wyze Sense Motion Sensor – Wyze Labs, Inc.

I assume I also need a hub for Motion sensor to implement @tle plan, if so I will pass. will be to complex for me.


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That is correct

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