Is it possible to set time for motion sensors? (Mom has dementia)

Hi, everyone! Life is Good, and so much better with Wyze!

My mom currently has two forms of cancer and newly diagnosed with dementia. While she is still mostly self-sufficient, my dad (works odd hours) and I (live 6 hours away) monitor her with 2 cameras, 4 (door) sensors, and 2 motion sensors. We are only 4 days in with the new setup, and it is truly life changing. She now uses the phone as a TV remote, so the phone is often off the hook, so I talk to her via the camera…she loves it. I can jump on and check if she is sleeping before I call, see which floor she is on, if she tries to go outside, and so on.

My question (I apologize in advance if it is already answered and I missed it): is there a way to stop notifications of the motion sensors or to choose a time to be actively monitoring? The notifications, while appreciated, are annoying and are only necessary during 2 - 6 p.m. We thought that turning the cameras off would correct the issue, but the door and motion detectors keep notifying.

Thank you so much for your input. God bless! :grin:

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If you click on the the camera > gear (top corner) > event recording. The the schedule can be set at the top.

Look at the service of IFTTT. If this then That. If you use that service, you can create an applet. The Applet will have a trigger of Date and Time (Service to trigger) and then That Wyze Service (Action) turn on Notifications like 2 pm. and subsequently turn off notifications using another IFTTT applet that turns notifications back off That just might do it for you.

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If you want to turn notifications from the sensor on and off and not just the camera that may be recording the action, then you can do that in the app with shortcuts.

Just create a shortcut to turn notifications from the sensor on or off, and schedule that shortcut for some time of day. You can turn notifications from the sensor on & off as often as you like through the day.


Thank you so much!

SOLVED :joy:

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