Motion Sensor Feature Updates

Add in a setting to be able to turn off the motion detection in rules or to be able to allow it to trigger other devices such as cameras or lights when motion is detected.

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You can already trigger the cameras to record a 12 second video when a motion sensor or door sensor is activated. You can also use them to turn on bulbs, plugs and switches via rules.

That is correct but there is not a feature to deactivate the motion sensor during certain times of the day. it would be nice to be able to set a rule with a schedule for it or be able to add it to the “home” rule to turn off until “away” mode is activated.

Correct, but I was responding to the second half of your question:

Oh, I apologize. Yes i did know that you can set it to trigger other devices. I will edit the post. Thank you

You have the option to set day/time constraints on rule/triggers. When creating a rule/trigger, look for “Time” at bottom of page.

That is currently not possible because Wyze has disassociated Home Monitoring ecosystem from the rest of the Wyze ecosystem. They have announced that it will be coming shortly though. I’ll try to find the associated wishlist that covers this request for you…

Please comment on and/or vote for this wishlist request:

HMS - Would like to tie rules / shortcuts / notifications to the Home/Away/Disarm modes


I see where you can set a time period for the device trigger to be activated. what would be nice is if you could set several time periods under one rule without having to make multiple rules just to set a different time period.

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+1 to that! :+1: There are a LOT of nice to have and missing features for rules. There is a wishlist request for just about everything you can think of because users have been generating rules-related requests for 3 years. Wyze has been implementing the requests when they have time. You can search the wishlist category here: Wishlist Search


I have posted a few suggestions already lol. I have so many Wyze devices in my home its ridiculous. Right now I’m trying to figure out why my v3 pro cams wont load on the web view but my regular v3 cams will.