Enable a rule based on Home or Away

I have a motion sensor at my desk, that I’d like to use to turn on lights in my office when I am home based on Motion.

But I don’t want those rules to turn the lights on when I’m away (wife is home, no need for motion by her to turn the lights on.

I see a Preset Rule of “I’m home”, so I select that “Office Motion Sensor”, thinking that is where I should go… but only see options:

Turn on notifications
Turn off notifications.

So, that’s a dead end.

Everywhere else I to attempt to create a rule that will only fire when I am home leads me to believe this is not possible?


What you need is a rule action (triggered by a location trigger) that will enable or disable other rules. Unfortunately, that does not exist yet. It is listed in one of the wishlist requests here:

Scroll down to the General section and you will see it there. As you can see, there are great many requests in that thread. They are being worked on, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you when this one might be implemented.

You should VOTE for that topic, but more importantly add a reply there about the importance of this particular needed rule action for your use case. The development team periodically reviews these comments to help guide the development.

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