Can the "I'm Away" button be used to disable a Rule?

If motion is detected from a v3 camera, I have a rule that turns on a WYSE plug. I have a lamp connected to the plug which comes on when motion is detected. I only want that to happen if I’m away. I only want to disable that rule, not the entire notification. Any ideas? Thanks

You could make another rule or add the “enable motion detection” in your away shortcut, and then add disable motion detection to your home shortcut. But that disables the cloud event recordings

But the “disable rule” is not a current function, although it’s a requested feature in this wishlist topic:

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Since you want motion detection and notifications for the cam to remain on 24\7, you won’t want a rule that changes those. And, since there is no shortcut way to disable or enable the rule turning the “Lamp Light Plug” on, it would be cumbersome to open the rule and enable it every time you left and then disable it when you arrive.

What you need is a second Wyze Plug. Plug it into the wall and plug the Lamp Wyze Plug into that. Don’t modify your existing rule that turns on the “Lamp Light Plug” with motion detection, I would assume for X minutes.

You will need to create two shortcut rules:

  • Away - Turn On “Base” Wyze Plug
  • Home - Turn Off “Base Wyze Plug”

That way, when you are home, the cam will still detect motion and notify, and the rule to turn on the lamp for X min will still try to execute, but it will fail since the “Lamp Light Plug” has no power.

When away, the “Lamp Light Plug” will have power and the motion detection rule will execute successfully and turn the light on.