Can Wyze can do fall detection?

Hi guys,

Recently my dad fell n hurt himself. He is ok now.

Was wondering, with my exist wyze cam around the house, does wyze have a fall detection option?

Really like to see if they can help keep a watch on him.

Thx all!



You could turn motion tagging on and set the events, but you are limited to the 5 minute cool down. Meaning the motion won’t tag events constantly. 5 minutes is a long time not knowing the circumstances.

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Yo demonfire, thx for suggestion. I know some cams have specifically this feature. They are able to detect a fall rather thsn just motion. So if wyze has tat, it would be cool. :sweat_smile:

You could always request it in the road map and ask for community votes. Just make sure it hasn’t already been requested by searching. :slight_smile: