Sleep Feature for WYZE Outdoor Cam

I’d like to put my Wyze Cam Outdoor to sleep for a certain number of hours (1-4 would be great). I have a cam up that captures motion by my door, but when someone is going in and out repeatedly (packing for a trip) or my daughter is playing basketball in the driveway, I’d like to be able to pause or put the cam to sleep. Right now I have to turn the cam off, and then remember to turn it back on. Sure, I can set a time on my phone pretty easily, but other cams have a sleep feature, Wyze Cam Outdoor should as well!

Other than than, I’m really impressed with the cam abilities and local and cloud storage. We will see over time if it can hold up.

this is a great idea! was going to do a new post but found this via search.

completely makes sense to automate reactivation - everyone forgets at some point to turn cams back on which defeats the purpose of having them if an event occurs, those timing suggestions are spot on. hopefully this reply bumps the suggestion back up the list so the devs can reassess.