Seattle bikini barista responds to customer's threats by smashing windshield

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No reason to be rude and this guy is a repeat offender. It’s a clown world.

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The piece I ‘read’ elsewhere quoted her and followers referring to ‘the industry’ which I guess in this case is ‘intersectional’ like more than one of them at a broken :vertical_traffic_light: .

The issue is confused by the intersectionality of breasts and coffee, maybe. The conflict and bad behavior may be borne of that, or not. Hard to tell without prior first hand familiarity with both parties, the business and their relationship.

Possible sub title:

Bare breasts & Expensive coffee

When I was still working I used to go to a coffee shack like that had two young ladies working in their bikinis and never got my windshield broken. The name of the place was D’ Cups. :rofl:
The new name off the place is now Pink Pantherz Espresso. :coffee:


But you drove a ‘funny car’! Probably peeled out before they had a chance! :rofl:

Possible punchier sub title:

Bare Breasts and Hot Coffee

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I would post a link of the place from google maps with photos but I’ll just send it via DM to stay out of trouble.


I’m too sensitive, would get confused and chronic indigestion. :nauseated_face:

Was it super expensive? How much of a premium to the chain category leader, if you recall?

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There was a move in the early 80s toward interdisciplinarity (this is actually a word, too, i did not know, but kind of unwieldy to say) in the arts that had some verve, so, while I’m kind of impatient with the term ‘intersectionality’ because the proliferation of cumbersome terms starts to weigh, it may be a grandmother of what we see today!

(Tryin’ my best to class the joint up here :slight_smile: )


Interdisciplinarity may be a grandmother of intersectionality.

Not super profound but it hadn’t occured to me before. I don’t have a deep understanding of either but it intrigues me to consider the relationship.

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@dennis85 , any style of discussion ok with you? Out of curiosity, why did you post this? :slight_smile:

Anyone got a pic of a limb with a :frog: out on it? :slight_smile:

:deciduous_tree: :frog:

Your sibling? (24 Hours Later my internet is back to normal.)

Isn’t this where you post things that were captured on Wyze?

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Frog on a limb…

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Hey, thanks, guys! (and good news on the internet!)

That is one handsome guy. Yes, we must be related. :slight_smile:

Went to junior high across the street from some oil fields and we used to collect those and bring them on campus to do petty mischief. :slight_smile:

Hey Dennis

For sure, didn’t realize it was Wyze, didn’t see a mention of it and no brand stamp on the footage that I noticed - though I must admit, I looked it over pretty quick and may have missed it.

But you realize it’s a charged topic - provocative - and you kind of have to shepherd those with your participation in comments, imo (definitely, iMo, ‘you do you’ as many here say.)

Anyway, kind of cool, it makes for an interesting discussion like we’re having now. :slight_smile:

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Things that make me say, “WTF Willis?”

Do you have a sister named Elly May? She like all the critters and had nice some assets. :rofl:

Are you willising about the whole melange, or mainly the oil fields, like @Antonius ?

Funny, ‘oil fields’ was the common name we used, like ‘third alley’ for the spot where someone who was ‘chose-off’ or ‘chosen’ (challenged) met the the challenger to throwdown (we didn’t use that term.)

The ‘oil fields’ were where you went to ramble around, see what you could see, walk home, ride mini or dirt bikes, etc. It was a mostly dry wetlands that would eventually be developed but at that time had small oil rigs scattered about pumping away.

The whole enchilada. I was totally lost and out of sync with what you were saying.

You are not alone my friend, I think the frogman dropped to much acid in his youth :rofl:

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