City worker busted my window

Thanks for my wyze cams Wyze! Caught a city worker that busted my window. This along with few more videos


Good luck getting the city to take responsibility. If it’s anything like my town they’ll fight every step of the way. But you got him nailed dead to rights. I can’t believe what people do anymore because they have to know that there’s a camera somewhere watching.

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A city worker trimming city trees dropped a piece of wood and cracked a tile on my roof. I didn’t actually see it happen.

I noticed the cracked tile weeks later. Then I remembered the weird look the crew had as I was walking my dog back. I sent a letter to the city. They paid for the repairs.

Hopefully you already contacted them about the damage and that you let them know you have it all on video??

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If all else fails home owners insurance will take care of it most likely. Good you got the video for it though.

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Update: finally got a check to pay for the repairs.