Tire Slashing Caught on Wyze!

My insurance scammer neighbor slashed the tires on his big-ass 4x4 truck at 2:27AM this morning! Guess who thought he was getting big 'ol expensive new tires, but got caught instead? The Longmont, CO Police are so happy!


Where’s the video?


Police asked it not be released at this time.

OK. Makes sense.

My eyes have blueballz now. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


At what what time is it supposed to be released?

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Hopefully his insurance company drops him like a hot potato and gets you a Wyze gift card!

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Oh bull crap, that’s the only way the police ever get to see my video. I post it on youtube, and email them the link… lol But yes, I’m serious.
The first video is from the cams we got after the second video, because analog is worthless for identifying anyone.

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Ouch, whiplash! :grimacing: Need better brakes. Lol

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