Tree trimmer fail

Tree trimmers knock chimney cap off. They kept working without covering the exposed vent to the furnace for over two hours then set the cap back on without securing it. Left without telling us it happened. Didn’t find out until the neighbor told us. That’s when I checked the cameras today.


BAAAAAD! Tree trimmer hired by you or someone else?

The town managers because the tree is in a city park.

Well then at least they are insured.

They better be. We’ll find out more tomorrow but I think they don’t realize they were on camera and will deny wrong doing at first. But luckily we also have another angle with sound that hears them talking


Hello, @C.M.B.H

Did the tree trimmers deny knocking the chimney cap off with the branch they cut?

It would be fun to see their faces when they watch the videos you have as proof of their dastardly deed :lying_face:.

We are still talking, but so far the owner of the company says it was fixed before they left. He hasn’t even seen the videos yet. However I’d love to know how a tree guy repaired bricks that where damaged in just 8 minutes. Because a little over 2 hours after it was knocked off they tied a rope to it, put a brick and some other things in the cap and dragged it back up. Couldn’t even bring it up in the lift bucket truck that was there. Anyways, once they dragged it up, it was up 8 minutes later they were off the roof packing up and leaving.

It’s nice that he’s digging his eventual grave deeper with lies on top of lies. When the owner of the company finally views the videos, especially the one with audio… it should make him think twice about his course of action for future mishaps.

His idea of what is “fixed” and the reality of putting it back to the way it was are two very different things.

You could find his company on the BBB website and file a complaint to get his attention.

Keep us posted with updates… good luck.

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