Funnel cloud takes down a tree (and my utility trailer)

So living in lower Michigan we’re quite prone to a wide variety of weather. Tonight we had just that, we actually had one tornado touchdown south of town and a funnel cloud go right over my house and cross the highway. I believe it was this funnel cloud that took out this tree. You can tell how quickly the weather went to 10 and that tree came down how severe it was in those few moments


Sadly it took out my utility trailer and my fence, but it missed my shed. So overall it could have been much worse. And the fact that my friend Renee does my insurance and lives across the street makes this a much easier process :slight_smile:

Yet again the cameras caught it.

I haven’t even checked my time lapses I had set up yet knowing the storm was coming


OMG, glad you are okay! That will be a mess tomorrow…


Here’s a fun little update to this tale, the national weather service just reached out to me about this video, it was verified to be the beginning of a tornado more than likely a funnel cloud that led to a later tornado a short time after, they requested permission from me to use the two videos of this which I immediately said yes! Sadly I’m unable to get the second alternative view to upload to the forums right now, I will work on it though and update this post if I can get it working in the right format.


Can’t wait to see the time-lapses! Nice!


Wow - glad no one was hurt. Can’t wait to see the second video.

FYI: I use a package called Handbrake to convert and resize video’s. Works great and Free. If you don’t have something at hand.

Handbrake Video Converter


Glad you’re okay. Weird, I wouldn’t have thought the National Weather Service lurked on Wyze forums…

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Wow cool wyze moment and where are you located at,?

Glad your safe and nothing else was damaged. I hate storms of any type. Thanks for sharing the video footage.

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That’s one crazy storm!
I’m glad everyone is safe!

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this was in lower michigan.

and @Customer they didnt lurk Wyze forums lol

they found it as I posted it in a few places online local to me and they found it there.


so here is an attempt for getting the second video on the forums. this is from my neighbors house. ( ignore the watermark due to an online compressor)

you can see the rain swirling.

but that quickly it was over. a bit stronger it would’ve made it to the ground and been a full blown tornado.

and a longer clip ( not just 12 seconds) from my cams, you can see how quickly this set in.


First clip not that much to see but that second one is “money”.


I hope that you and your family and extended family are all safe and healthy.

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That’s a pretty good sized tree , looks like it probably destroyed your trailer

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Looks like you were very lucky, and I’m glad you had the camera on!

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