Tree cam down during the hurricane winds

I’m north of Charlotte, NC and we’ve had tons of rain and wind all day. A little while ago I decided to check the cams before going to bed. Then I saw a tree down in the front yard, right in front of the carport (where my neighbor/landlords park their car). Good thing it didn’t hit my truck!
I went back to see what happened and saw that it happened earlier in the evening and didn’t even realize it.

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Wow! That tree just couldn’t take anymore. I’m glad it fell the way it did and didn’t hit your other vehicle off to the right.


Hope everything else is OK.


Wow, cool you caught it on cam!

That poor camera is holding on for its life!


Yeah. I haven’t looked out back yet to see there was anymore damage. Last year a big double-growing cedar tree came down. Now, just a couple of big dead breaches are laying in front yard. That other car belongs to my neighbors, who are also my landlords. She parks it there. Oh well. I can’t complain because they’re good people.


Good idea. That was a nice crepe Myrtle. I don’t need the wood but they have a wood stove, so might. Too bad you can’t just dig a bigger hole and put it back in there.

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I know! It’s the only one in direct contact with the wind. It survived and all is calm now.

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