Cam V3, the lessor of 2 evils @

As a cold front pushes Hurricane Fiona away from the East coast.

Those brezzy conditions n a quick trip to the ups store.
Saved my car from some substantial tree limb damage.

Yet, it would have been nice to capture 5ft limbs crashing down onto my driveway. Right where my car would have been.

“Alas Poor Urich”, it did not happen.

because stray headlights from passing street traffic. Made me lower the detection settings , of course to negate the many, false alerts (cur 100+) each night.

My neighbor killed two young trees, on his side of the fence line

Those branches are now falling onto my driveway and the cars parked on it.

Yes, I asked him to cut them down, last yr . Since he killed young trees 2+ stories high.

High enough. To damage my cars.

Video evidence for, if or when they damage a car or a fence would be nice

Earlier this summer I used my iddy biddy pole saw. To remove some of the lower branches.

Some of the bigger ones, are too high to reach. and cutting them, then running as they fall is too dangerous for me, now.

Oh, great Wyze Csm V3, u left me hanging on this one.

Do you have a micro sd card inserted into the camera ?

You could’ve set it to record continuously so you could go back and review the footage .

Sorry to hear about that



Yes I have a Sd 64 gb in it.

Winds are suppose to be about 5 mph higher than norm til sun…

Will cut n run some more 2marrow.

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Yikes, sorry this happened to you! At least the damage wasn’t worse.

Do you have Cam plus lite or cam plus, and do you have the recording set to continuous? You can view SD card playback with the green PLAYBACK button below the live view. With cam plus lite, there’s a 5 minute cooldown between events, was there a diffrent event (even a tree blowing) before the limb fell?

Since you have 64GB uSD cards in the camera, set for continuous recordings.

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