Cam Plus Lite: constant "Vehicle" cloud events varying from 11 seconds to minutes, of a tree, after 3 yrs working properly

Hello, scoured the whole forum and haven’t seen a single person mention having this issue, am I really the only one having it?

Beginning Tuesday evening one of my two v2 Wyze Cams stopped recording event clips altogether out of the blue. It’s worked fine since 2019 without being touched. Fully updated, including app. It also for whatever reason had many settings strangely changed, such as turning on IR sensors that I’ve never used (thru-window unit). I went in and re-enabled it to record events again, and set settings back to as much as I could remember. It then proceeded to immediately start making event recordings, almost every minute, with strangely varying clip times of 11 seconds up to even minutes. It is set only to make event recordings of people and vehicles, as it always has been set to.

Every single event it now records, is recorded as a vehicle no matter what it actually is. And 99% of the time, the recording is of a tree blowing in the wind that it has never, ever provided a recording of before. This magical vehicular tree now has I’d estimate over 1,000 event recordings in the past few days.

In effort to remedy it capturing the vehicular tree, I filtered out the notifcation zone to exclude the entire area of the tree, and only detect vehicles/people on the road. Despite this, it completely ignores the event recording zone I have set, and continues to record the entirety of that tree as a vehicle.

Other fix attempts: “resubscribing” cam plus lite; restarting the camera, force-restarting the camera. Re-enabling motion detection. Setting different sensitivity levels.

At the same time, the issue where I can only sometimes view a video of the event recording keeps popping up but thankfully I see that is a known issue being addressed. Easily fixed with app restart in the meantime.

What in the world though. Is there any way to get this cam back to functioning properly as it should and did for almost 3 years?

Cam Plus Lite does not have Vehicle Detection unless this is another new bug??? CPL only has person detection, if I turn on the toggle to Vehicle detection in CPL it states to get Cam Plus. :upside_down_face:


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Can you post a screenshot of the cameras view? Is there a vehicle anywhere in frame in that view? Like @Antonius stated, is this camplus perhaps, not CamPlusLite? Did you update the app recently? What actual app version are you using? What actual firmware version on the camera are you using?

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Oh? I don’t recall if I had the toggle that’s under SmartAI all along, but I have definitely had separately-labelled motion events labelled as “vehicle” vs “person” all along, making it a breeze to e.g. see when the mailman delivered to the neighborhood mailbox.

I can def answer those. Please note I have a 2nd camera that has been unaffected in any of its settings or event recordings.

This is not the cam view in question but for security, it’s pretty close in concept. Pretend that bush in the middle is the tree I have (swishing around in the wind sometimes). There is a crossroad intersection

App version-Android: (fully updated)
Firmware version:

I keep everything up to date and update within a week of update releases, last update was just yesterday, one prior to that was probably a week or 2 ago.

Akin to that example picture, there are immobile vehicles on the street which have never posed any sort of problem for the app. The “vehicular tree” event recordings rarely have a moving vehicle in them–vehicle events are still sometimes recording, correctly as vehicle events. Sometimes both occur but most of the time they are mutually exclusive recordings.

I have always had Cam Plus Lite, but did have a free Cam Plus trial which ended at some point within the last month I believe. The free trial made absolutely no changes to what I was experiencing end-user besides adding more recordings sometimes (eliminating the 5 minute time-outs). Actually, interestingly of note, is that despite not having that trial anymore they did not revert back to the 5 minute cooldown between recorded motion events.

One last thing of note, is that it tends to not care about the tree moving around in the evenings. The vehicular tree recordings come to an end when it gets darker out. (Again, an issue that never occurred previously to all this)

So do you have a CamPlus or CamPlusLite subscription in the camera? Again in the title of the thread you mentioned CamPlusLite, But vehicle detection is not included in that, it’s only a cam plus feature.

The way the cloud ai works is that the camera uses the event recording settings, detection zone and sensitivity settings to save a clip when pixel change is enough to trigger all your set thresholds and then upload the slip to the cloud. Once uploaded the cloud uses it’s ai to analyse the clip for all recognized objects it sees and can tell what it is. The detection zone does not follow the clip to the cloud and the while frame of the clip is analysed. If a vehicle is detected in frame, whether it’s moving or not, will cause the AI to tag the clip as “vehicle”. Same with person detection, package detection, pet detection etc. Sooo…

Based on your above quote, if that immobile vehicle is in view of the camera and included in the clip that clip will be tagged as vehicle even if the vehicle is stationary or moving. The AI takes included with the clip are necessarily what triggered the clip it’s just what is in view in the clip. On my front door cam plus camera, if I have a package sitting there all day long and some shadows causing events to be saved, the AI will be taking the video as package, even though the package isn’t walking around my patio.

Do you have motion tagging enabled in the camera? Can you determine what pixel change is causing the event to be saved?


As title. Lite only, since it existed, and even re-subbed the cameras under Lite again just in case.

Well that’s all certainly interesting. As I said, I hadn’t tinkered with the settings on this camera until they were automatically adjusted Tuesday evening, at which time I changed them all back to what I believe they were–perhaps I am misremembering and they were simply titled Motion/Person before and not Vehicle. Starting to think 3 years ago, perhaps I set a detection area around the tree like I re-did when trying to return settings to what they were).

So currently a Detection Zone is specified to ignore all portions of the tree, including consideration of where the tree could be swaying into. But the movement of the tree is what is triggering event recordings still–whilst immobile vehicles are sometimes on the street in the areas which are being detected. That explains why the clip is labelled vehicle.

Which then boils down to–why is the swaying tree, outside the specified detection zone, triggering said recording. That would be unexpected behavior, yes? (And also the fact that my cam settings were changed without my input or permission in the first place)

Also quite interesting that SmartAI permits me to toggle vehicle detection. On my app, under Smart Detection, the only feature I cannot toggle is Friendly Faces. But having access to this toggle is clearly made useless by the other bug! Hahaha.

Edit 7:21pm: Out of curiosity, I disabled the Vehicle toggle. Vehicle events on Monday (when camera was last working properly as it did for 3 years) retitled themselves to Sound. Despite none of the clips having Sound. This is quite a rabbit hole of nonsense.

Can you take a screenshot of the page in account > services

As @Omgitstony states, CamPlus Lite doesn’t support vehicle detection so you must have the camera configured with either a CamPlus subscription or an evaluation license.


Prepare to be baffled.

I have neither, and do possess such options. And cam as stated is just Cam Plus Lite subscribed (see reply to @IEatBeans )

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Sure thing. Other 3 tabs are empty.

However, there is only one issue at this point. That motion events beyond the specified motion area are triggering event captures (the tree).

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Just to confirm…these are both production, not beta?

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Other 3 tabs?

Pro, sprinkler, monitoring, what about cam plus? Send a pic of your cam plus tab

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I only have CamPlusLite too and have had the exact same thing happen to me. And yes I know Plus Lite doesn’t have vehicle detection, but I’m most definitely having the same issue described above. I’m also having events say person detected with absolutely nothing going on in them.

Very strange… could you ensure your app is up to date, and take an app log in account > Wyze support. Post the log numbers here.

Cam Plus Pro, Home Monitoring and whatever that last one is, are all empty. Only 2 cams under Cam Plus Lite. It is curious.

Most recent update did not change anything.

Do you not have a “Cam Plus” tab?