Torture Test?

Just a quick update on my Wyze cams. I love them. I did have to roll back my Android install and haven’t tried the new version yet, but the sensors and cameras are working great.

Just for “fun” (?), I’ve been testing the outdoor capabilities of the camera. One has been sitting on my back deck for a month or more now, completely exposed, with the sensor bridge installed, in rain and shine, and is still cranking along. It has been knocked over by squirrels and drenched in Illinois downpours. I’m very impressed with these, and at some point will be mounting them in Amazon-special outdoor enclosures.

Can’t wait to see how they survive a Chicago winter.

Very impressed with your products and please keep up the good work and best of luck to you!


Same here in Chicago. Have a V2, completely original, out in the rain all summer so far. Expected it to fail many times. Waiting for that one lucky raindrop to take it out. Every now and then I’ll wipe off the lens. Got some great shots and some cool time lapse videos also. We will see.


Based on your experience what should be done to prevent squirrel attack? Should the future Wyze Outdoor Cam be equipped with sharks with lasers?


How do I set mine to survive raccoon visits? I’m not handy with tools so the cam is on an old polaroid tripod (16 years old) and I’m scared the raccoons will knock it over. I do like watching the cats eat though (hence my screen name)

YES!!! I’ve been requesting this for months!!! people severely underestimate the utility of sharks! :sunglasses:

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I would avoid mounting the camera on trim wood that the squirrel can climb on.