Longest Time WyzeCam Mounted Outdoors

Whilst acknowledging the fact that these cameras were never designed for or intended to be deployed outdoors, turns out for every Wyze customer, there is an import company offering their unique take on an outdoor enclosure for both WyzeCam and WyzeCam Pan models.

I figure for the cost of the camera, even if I get just a year of service before it succumbs to the ravages of the outdoors, I’m still winning! I’m curious though, how long have people had these little gems mounted outside whilst maintaining a satisfactory level of feed quality? Obviously there will be variations based on climate (Portland, Maine vs. Portland, Washington vs. Portland, Antarctica ), as well as different ways that each model could fail. Also, if you remember which brand of enclosure you are using, throwing that in could assist wouldbe innovators choose which brand is most appropriate.

Because I was taught never to ask people to do something I myself was not willing to do, and because I’m a cool kat, I’ll start!!

I currently have two WyzeCams mounted outside here in the rainforest that is Southern Maryland. So summers with weeks of 90 degrees F and 90% humidity grossness. Winters can get cold, but maybe a week or so below 0 degrees F, and a foot of snow, max.

Camera 1: Back Deck, attached under soffit. Installed 3 months ago using a white enclosure offered on the Amazons by a company called “Mrount”, and cost me $22.99 for a three pack.
So far so good!

Camera 2: Front Driveway, attached under soffit. Installed 1 month ago using a different brand enclosure (lost the hardware for the first ones). This enclosure is black, and a completely different design offered on the Amazons by a company called “Deyard Direct” and cost me $19.99 for a three pack.
So far so good with this one as well.

I want to see some enclosures which are pushing the years, although I don’t really know for sure how long WyzeCam has been a thing!

I’ve only had mine outside for about 6 months under one of the little bird house devices from Amazon. it hasn’t been through temperatures above 90 or 95 but it made it through a polar vortex of temperatures down to -30!


I’ve had one of the Black Wyze Cams underneath the eaves at my house in Chandler, AZ. It’s seen nearly freeze temps all the way up to 114F and plenty of rain this spring. No issues whatsoever. I wish Wyze would bring back the Black color, it’s much more stealth. I’ve actually masked and spray painted another camera to match.

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I’ve had a v2 mounted outside my garage under a small overhang since 6/1/18. No enclosure. Central Florida, so plenty of heat and rain but no cold to worry about.

Outside under small overhangs , no covers 8 months

Since November…Central Minnesota, hightemp 90+ degrees, dewpoint low 70s…Last Winter -32 degrees. V2, totally nude and with deep respect, located under slight overhang of front door sidelight,
No problems at all.


I’ve run a Cam-Pan under a front porch roof with no additional protection in Denver now for about a year. I have to wiggle once in a while to keep the birds from building a nest on it. LOL

I’ve had mine outside under eves for a year now. From 110 degrees to 12 below. Worked the whole time and is still working.


I’ve used black electrical tape to make mine more stealthy indoors… I haven’t attempted anything outdoors.

I’ve had mine outside for over a year. I did have to replace the SD card recently. Mine does not have an added cover but it is under a balcony. I live in Atlanta, GA.

I have four cams mounted outside all in enclosures under my eves for about 3 months. I am in Nassau, Bahamas and we are currently experiencing the Tropical Storm force winds and rain from Hurricane Dorian. So far so good no issues with any of the Cams. We have had driving rain and wind for the past 2 nights.


I just cut up an empty Kraft Parmesan canister and stuck it to the top with a dot of hot glue. My two cameras have been outside in the humid sweltering bayou for almost a year (Wyze Cam and a Wyze Cam Pan).
One is slightly sheltered by the edge of the carport (pictured), but the other has no shelter.
You can pop them off whenever you want and peel the glue off easily without leaving a mark.