Camera stopped recording at the wrong time. Anyone else

Long post but I had to rant a bit. Has this happen to anyone else?

So I have enjoyed all the wyze products for since the Wyze V2 came out(before they had everything else) I always told everyone they should get one because it just made sense. Well I’m slowly questioning that now. Recently my car was stolen in broad daylight out of my driveway. Now the wyze cam I have on it recorded my starting the car and coming back into the house but then didn’t record again until after my car was stolen. It was maybe witching 10 minute of me coming back into the house! This is crazy because 1) that camera captures EVERYTHING from every person to every small shadow of a leaf that moves an inch but yet it didn’t record when my entire vehicle began to move and 2) i have Cam plus on that specific camera. What the crap? and after this all went down it began recording every time there was movement. I mean come on! I didn’t have a memory card in there since it was high up on the side of my house and I figured since I had cam plus, I should be ok. Guess not…I mean I was mad as heeelllll when I found it didn’t recorded the only thing out of the 2 years of it recording stuff for me that was useful. Luckily we found my car within a few hours but man. I feel soooo let down Wyze. And now I see you guys have a Home monitoring thing coming out. I really do hope you get all the bug out before this goes live because I’d be pissed if this ever happens again. Now I’m going to buy the V3 and replace that V2 I have had in that window recording my driveway for the past 2 years. I have not taken it from that spot since I put it there 2 years ago and its outside and I live in CHICAGO! So these things are really tough with the weather. I hope this new version works better than the old one and captures EVERYTHING. I believe in second chances, lets just hope the ppl that took my car don’t and try to come back again for a second time. -_-

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It’s happened to me a couple times. Cam+ is just not that trustworthy yet. Especially with the fail to upload 2 second event clips. Those are triggered events that should have been recorded. I like Cam+, I just wouldn’t call it a security system.

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HI @domo326 and welcome to the Communit forum!
Sorry to hear about the vehicle being taken and the “coincidental” failure of the cam recording on that one event after all this time. Glad the vehicle was recovered though.

Was just on another thread where a neighbor was repeatedly jamming a V2 while performing villainous deeds. Gussing WiFi jammers are the hot item, esp in large cities. We have a lot of trouble here w/new vehicles being stolen by tricking the key FOB (store it in a shielded box when home).

Suggest adding an inexpensive WiFi extender near the cam or upgrading to a mesh network to overpower most jamming devices. Get an inexpensive High High Endurance uSD card, too.

TP-Link N300 WiFi Extender $19.95 at Amazon
GL.iNet GL-AR150 mini Repeater Bridge $25.49 (Doesn’t come with power supply)

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Here are a few more suggestions regardng WiFi:

  • Check your router log to see if there were unknown devices connected.
  • Use WPA2 encryption on the WiFi + Use a stong password.
  • Change the default SSID name to something custom.
  • Turn off guest networking and sharing.
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