Walnut Tree Removal Time Lapse

My neighbor across the street had a black walnut tree removed this week. I guess he got tired of picking up hundreds of walnuts every fall. :wink:

When I saw the trucks getting ready, I set up a time lapse on one of my cameras. What you can’t see is the boom that was used would grab onto a branch and cut was controlled remotely by a guy standing next to the truck. Only the very last cut at the base was done by a guy with a chainsaw.


Nice! Hadn’t seen that device before. :slight_smile:

I lament the loss of nuts, however. We have fig trees that no one but me prizes. When I die they will be no more. :face_holding_back_tears:

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What really broke the woodworker’s heart in me was the loss of the wood. Everything, except for the bottom 3 pieces of the trunk, went into the wood chipper. :cry:

If I had had a place to dry it, I would have tried to save some of those lengths of tree.

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Looks safer than a guy falling out of a tree.
What I don’t understand is the handoff from boom to bobcat to chipper. Why didn’t they just move the chipper closer to the boom?

With how the boom cuts the branches off, it would not be able to feed them into the chipper without putting it down first to “change its grip.” At least that’s my theory.

I am sure if they could have let the bobcat and driver out of the picture it would have cost then less.
I never judge what I don’t understand, only try to learn about it.

Agree- I have a multi trunk (4) Black Walnut tree in my back yard. I have to get them are haircut about every 5 years because it grows so large and fast. If I ever had to take them down I would be selling all the wood except the small branches.

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