Guy ditches girl after couple accidentally smashes through barbershop window during passionate kiss


If that was my daughter, I’d tell her to dump that guy so fast…he just leaves her on the floor surrounded in glass, not caring if she cuts up her hands getting up, and then just totally ditches her. Huge red flags even for any kind of friendship, let alone for a relationship, but the whole thing is still pretty comical. That is a terrible glass door. Owners should be mad at whoever sold it to them.


Agreed, that door collapsed like a cheap… door. And the anchor with the 2020 era pandemic home haircut, accented dudebro barbers framing bloody shards, this is quite the slice of life.

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My wife dated a guy for about 5 years before she met me. She was driving her Mercury Bobcat (Ford Pinto with a tuxedo) and hit a patch of ice and rolled the car. He climbed OVER HER to get out of the car.

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No alcohol :wine_glass: involved at all, One hell of a kiss :kiss: :kiss::upside_down_face:

Funny but nothing indicating it was a wyze camera that captured the video

It is a Wyze Camera. If you look closely on the bottom left of the video it even has the Wyze Logo. It is just a little blended in because of the color of the sidewalk:


Plus, Youtube controls can sometimes cover over that location too. So between the two issues I understand why it was hard to see or be sure.


Good eye :nerd_face:


Man, don’t mess with carver. :wink:


From Montreal, Canada no less … now that Wyze sells through Amazon Canada!

They do sell through Amazon Canada now? I hadn’t heard that. In the last AMA everyone was still complaining about waiting for Canada. I guess it’s just being upset about pre-orders then…but that is cool if Amazon postings are now open to Canada! I just assumed these guys used a re-shipping service to get their Wyze Cams.

Wow, 55 bucks Canadian. It’s $32 US on the .com. Is that the normal exchange rate?

Google says exchange rate is 1.25. So Canada should be $40 to be equal. Maybe add a little extra for the extra shipping costs, but $55 is basically 1.72 difference instead of 1.25. But I am guessing it is still pretty much the same profit margin, so there must be some extra costs involved besides regular postage.

Heard folks were also buying Wyze cams at the Home Depot in Calgary … in addition to Not sure when official announcement is coming from Wyze

Canada charges a lot of different taxes to pay for “free” public services. Assume increase in price isn’t Wyze making more … just paying the piper. No such thing as a free lunch.

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Thanks, I was fairly sure there were other costs that I just didn’t know about rather than Wyze making/charging more, hence why I worded it the way I did.

It does make sense in general that taxes would make up a big part of that since Canada provides so many extra public services, though I am surprised this says that their sales tax is only 5%. My sales tax is higher than that (6.75%), so that indicates that I should be the one paying more for Wyze Devices, not Canadians. So I am guessing there are some other things involved, such as some third party supplier wanting an extra cut of profits somewhere in that supply chain to get it to Canada, though it could be something else entirely.

Let’s compare something Amazon has the most control over. $40 versus $55 Canadian for the Echo Dot, so a factor of 1.375.

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You have to add HST, GST and PST in every province except Alberta to get a true National picture. Wyze also has to pay import duties on goods shipped to Canada. Americans traveling for pleasure used to be able to claim a “credit” for some taxes leveled against some purchases after travel (have no idea if that’s been repealed now that travel is allowed again.)

Far right % is total tax in each province.

Here’s an estimate of $57.22CAD total cost of having someone help fill out the import papers and paying the fees, etc. a $25 Wyze camera to British Columbia on … which is pretty much what is charging for both the camera, import fee and taxes.


Thank you for the explanation, that makes more sense. Man, tariff wars are realty killing the consumers and businesses lately.