RESOLVED: Poor Products and Support from a Canadian

The following is my 'Chat" with support. I bought 2 V2s in Sept, one was crap within a month, and now I find out, NO Support from WYZE out side the US. Honeywell sells product with no shipping problems:
(08:43:43 PM) Gary Babaluk: My V1/2 has a GREEN tint to the video
(08:43:50 PM) Wyze Wizards: Thanks for your message, please wait a moment for an available Wyze Wizard.
(08:43:52 PM) *** Terra joined the chat ***
(08:44:19 PM) Terra: Hello Gary. Green tint! thats no good
(08:44:32 PM) Terra: is it a Wyze Cam V2? or V1?
(08:45:23 PM) Gary Babaluk: V2
(08:45:43 PM) Terra: ok. give me just a moment to check something.
(08:46:55 PM) Terra: is it the night vision? daytime? is it consistently greenish?
(08:47:16 PM) Gary Babaluk: It is always GREENish.
(08:47:55 PM) Terra: ok. recorded video or live stream also?
(08:48:02 PM) Gary Babaluk: Both
(08:48:25 PM) Terra: ok. how long have you had the camera?
(08:49:22 PM) Gary Babaluk: I bought 2 of these in Sept, one is great and this one has had the green since October, I was out of the country for the past 6 months
(08:50:30 PM) Gary Babaluk: When I checked the house in October , that is when I noticed the green. I am home now and have rebooted and upgraded firmware
(08:51:58 PM) Terra: ok. did you happen to perform a factory reset?
(08:52:20 PM) Gary Babaluk: Yes I did and it’s the same GREENish
(08:52:31 PM) Terra: To perform a Factory reset on your camera, follow the instructions below:

If using an SD card with the camera, remove it before proceeding.
Leave the unit plugged in and power on.
Press and hold the setup button on the bottom of the unit for 10 seconds.
Allow at least 30 seconds for unit to initialize, in some rare instances this process can take up to 5 minutes.
The LED status light should move from Solid Yellow to Blinking Yellow.
The device is now ready to be setup once again.
(08:52:39 PM) Terra: go through set up process
(08:53:09 PM) Gary Babaluk: I did this this morning exactly as you have written
(08:54:19 PM) Terra: ok. can you attach an image (screen shot) or live stream (take photot) of the tint?
(08:54:42 PM) Gary Babaluk: Give me a minute
(08:55:19 PM) Terra: ok. thanks. you have already done everything I would have you do, so it looks like we need to move toward replacement
(08:56:21 PM) Gary Babaluk: I took a photo on my cell phone and will have to send it to my laptop. Give me a minute
(08:56:56 PM) Terra: ok
(08:57:19 PM) Terra: Please provide the following information so we can get a replacement sent:
Where did you purchase your Wyze Cam(s)?

Order #:

Please confirm the address where we should send your replacement:
(08:57:56 PM) Terra: generic info - but will still need the details.
(08:58:03 PM) Gary Babaluk: 131 Diane Dr West St Paul, MB Canada R4A1A6
(08:58:22 PM) Terra: hang on Gary.
(08:58:39 PM) Terra: I’m sorry. We cannot ship to Canada.
(08:58:44 PM) Gary Babaluk: Bought the cameras on
(09:00:00 PM) Terra: ok. we support products purchased through Amazon, but we cannot ship internationally. You will need to go through Amazon for the exchange/return.
(09:00:24 PM) Terra: I’m sorry.
(09:01:09 PM) Gary Babaluk: Wait, how do I do this? I would assume that I would CANCEL the original and???
(09:02:08 PM) Terra: You should be able to return it as defective and replace (or possibly) reorder.
(09:02:26 PM) Terra: I dont know their return policy.
(09:02:37 PM) Terra: But it is still within warranty
(09:04:28 PM) Gary Babaluk: Terra, I own multiple honeywell Cams and they ship to Canada with no problems. If you are allowing the sale of your Cams outside the US then you must be prepared to ship replacements or DO NOT Sell! I will be posting this on the discussion support group to WARN all no US purchasers
(09:06:28 PM) Terra: I’m sorry. Gary. I understand your frustration. Amazon sells our product internationally without our approval. We state that we do not ship/sell internationally but many people use our cameras (from amazon) so we still support the functionality.
(09:07:08 PM) Gary Babaluk: Please email me a copy of this conversation.
(09:07:09 PM) Terra: this is the official info I have:
(09:07:11 PM) Terra: While the devices do not have any operation issues when used outside of the U.S. (the cloud service will be available) the warranty does not cover the devices outside of the U.S. If you use a Wyze product outside of the U.S. you are free to contact our U.S. based support but we can only send product replacements under warranty to U.S. addresses.

We do not have any authorized international sellers for Wyze products. Any Wyze product sellers outside of the U.S. are not authorized, including,, and
Recommed that you do NOT sell on Amazon!

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Sucks a little bit, but I also see no issue. You purchased the product from
You have to deal with them for the actual replacement and logistics.
I have friends who use these cameras in Sweden and Norway. They were purchased via friends through and delivered to the US. If issues with those cameras, Wyze is not the one to be approached, but the seller (Amazon - or the “friendly” middleman).

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We’re sorry, gbabaluk. We know that this is frustrating. If you have an address in the US that we could ship to for your package to be forwarded we would be happy to go that route to get a replacement to you. I’m also happy to help you with a script to try to get to offer a warranty replacement since they know they’re selling outside of our zone.


Hi Gwen:
Thanks for the “offer”.
I do have an address in California, but I need support for 12 months of the year for both both properties that are monitored in Canada and the US. The V2 Cam went crazy while I was away and it just is not convenient. I was using htem as a trial for a “cheaper” alternative" to Honeywell.
I am also using Honeywell C2 Cams and Honeywell services/sends them in both countries, so I will buy 2 more C2s, and use only them.Thanks and Have a great day.

If you change your mind, just let me know. I’ll leave this as a standing offer for you. I hope that the Honeywell cameras fit your needs and that you have a lovely weekend. :slight_smile:


Hi Gwen:
I have the Amazon Invoice as a PDF document with all of the details. How “simple” would this process be to get me another one, without the hassle of postage,etc?

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So we have two options here.

  1. We send it to your California address. For this, we figure out what support ticket number you had and you give me your address. I send it over to the Returns team and they ship you your replacement. After that, it will be an issue of you getting the camera from California.

  2. We send you toward support. This one admittedly will be a little more of a hassle for you. I give you a script along the lines of:


I purchased a Wyze Cam from you on ______ with order number ________. Wyze Labs has a 1 year warranty on their Wyze Cams and said that I would need a replacement for the one that I purchased from you. However, they don’t ship to Canada. They said that there is an agreement with Amazon that you will handle warranty replacements since you know that you’re shipping outside of their shipping zone. Please honor the warranty and replace this defective Wyze Cam for me."

The trick with this one is that they may give you pushback depending on the agent. If they do, let me know!

How would you like to proceed?

As a heads up, I’ll be heading out of the office soon for the weekend but I’ll be back on Monday. :slight_smile:

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I found your support ticket number. It’s 206156. If you want to use the California address, we can get it sorted out pretty quickly.

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Hi Gwen:

the address is

I have attached my invoice from Amazon:


Gary Babaluk

Mod Note: Address and invoice removed for safety reasons. I forwarded it directly to @WyzeGwendolyn.

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Thank you! I’ll work on this now. :slight_smile:

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Hi gbabaluk!

Wow! I wish you would consider adding a “solved” edit to your original post. I don’t think it’s possible to edit your title … but given the resolution WYZE has offered you, I think you need to edit and write a comment on the top of your original post.

WYZE never ceases to amaze me … just to be clear … you bought two WYZE cameras from an unauthorized seller of WYZE products outside the US. It is my understanding that WYZE has specifically requested that AMAZON US not sell WYZE products outside the US. But AMAZON does, which voids the WYZE Warranty.

So you have a problem with one of the cameras and contact WYZE … which wasn’t the original seller … and do not intend to have WYZE products sold outside the US.

YET … WYZE is willing to send you a replacement camera to a US address.


That, to me, is unbelievable customer service … above and beyond anything I’ve ever heard of from any company. You bought a “black market” camera from a seller not authorized to sell the products you bought … in a country WYZE does not sell to.

Yet, the title of your original post … Claiming poor products and support … is a bit of overkill … considering the resolution WYZE provided to you.

I would write an edit at the top of your post, explaining that WYZE solved your problem.

Your beef is with AMAZON CA … that sold you a product you shouldn’t have been able to buy in the first place.

I hope you understand this.

I am not connected to WYZE … I just am blown away that WYZE stepped up to help you like they did … when WYZE didn’t have to in the first place.


Problem Resolved.


If it’s resolved ask them to change the title and put resolved in the title so it’s evident when it shows up in search engines.

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Same boat here. new Pan from, no motion detection.

I’m curious and this is not an accusation. :slight_smile:
If Wyze doesn’t want Amazon selling their cameras outside the US how does Amazon get their hands on the cameras?
Is an authorized dealer?
Is Amazon in the US supplying Amazon in other countries?

BTW, Amazon Canada has this line in their ads for the V2 and Pan;
Wyze Cam products shipped and sold by are not covered by Manufacturer’s US-only Warranty. Please contact Customer Service for product warranty support.

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We have asked them to take down the listing and believe that it’s the US Amazon (who is an authorized dealer) supplying the Wyze Cams to the other branches. I’m glad that added the manufacturer warranty note in there! :smiley:

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I’m sorry to hear this, mjhandy! I recommend that you contact our customer support to see if we can get that up and running for you. Here’s a link for the form for getting in contact with us:

Submit a request – Wyze

Thanks, I’d already done that. Support’s reco was a return, which I can’t do. I fixed the issue my self be preforming a firmware roll back.

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Thanks for letting me know! I’m glad that flashing the firmware helped. :slight_smile:

I’ve been a champion for Wyze products for about a year now, not only responsible for personal and business ownership of all the Wyze products (incl. the new outdoor cam and scale), I’ve also convinced many others to purchase your products.

Now I learn that you really don’t care to sell to Canadians? What an insulting middle finger to us! It’s especially sad that you’re actively seeking to shut down Canada’s only source for inexpensive security cameras.

Love to understand why.

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