Cam not working as advertised. Then and Now

Time for Class Action against Wyze. Seem like there are more unhappy customers of Wyze than happy.

If you could provide some details about what issues your experiencing I’m sure there are plenty of community members like myself who would be willing to help troubleshoot, but from the info you provided there’s nothing anyone can do.


A’ight. Plz set that up… so I can get my money. It may be best to start working with the n previous users who have made the same suggestion.

donald duck money

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Couldn’t be operator error. :rofl: :rofl:


I’ve added this thread to my calendar. In about a year, I’ll circle back… and… do a #throwbackthursday #bumpdate.

This rolled up on my calendar. I presume we all #gotghosted on the #classaction

It was a Big Payout, you didn’t get yours? :rofl:

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I’m still waiting for my settlement money :moneybag:. I’d like to use it to purchase wyze cam V4. cmon.

Checks in the mail. 2 weeks.