Scheduling Upload Time to the Cloud

Wyze Outdoor with 32GB SD card. I have HughesNet satellite and it would be better if the cam is only uploading videos to the cloud from midnight - 6am. Is it possible to set up this schedule? Been searching for an answer and can’t readily find it. Thanks!

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Take a look here:

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If you are envisioning capturing events during the day and only uploading them to the Wyze “cloud” at night, then no. They only upload an event video immediately after it occurs. The SD card recordings are treated separately - they are NOT a buffer for cloud uploads.


Thanks for the definitive answer even though it was not the one I wanted! :blush: That’s what I wanted to do.

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@brlepage is no bot. As a maven he’s not even a paid employee. :slight_smile:


Scheduling Upload Time to the cloud sounds like a useful/pro/(CMC) feature to add

Scheduling continuous recording times would be handy as well
Check this thread out @alanb event-clips-recorded-every-5-minutes might find my solution useful for slow/congested Wi-Fi & Internet connected users. GLHF

@alanb, welcome! The only current way to stop event video uploads is turn off motion events and notifications from your cameras. If you only wanted to have uploads at night, disable motion detection during the day. Is this what you were wanting?

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