Save Money on that subscription

I was charged “automatically” for a subscription I didnt order, just because I bought a second camera. On the app, there isnt specific screen stating you are buying this, but they trick you into subscribing. Check your bills. Just cancel your payment method before buying more cameras. Cancel your payment method unless you are billed monthly.

Payment for subscriptions

In order to avoid being charged everytime you buy a camera, just delete your payment method. I was charged for a new camera, didnt select a plan, and they subd me anyway and wont refund it. I will buy a Lorex doorbell next year, no charges ever, and no need for any subscriptions for life + cheat billing.

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When you purchased your second camera, there was most likely a “Trial Cam Plus” subscription in your cart when you clicked “Checkout”.

This Trial subscription is added to your cart when the check box is checked when ordering the cam:

My checkout has been defaulted to this being unchecked, but new orders from customers who have not unchecked it before have reported that it defaults to checked.

Go back to your original cam purchase receipt to see if the Cam Plus Trial is on there.

Unfortunately, the terms of these trial subscriptions are that they will Auto Renew at the end of the trial, usually to a Monthly Auto Renewed subscription. Those terms can be found here:

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With the screenshot i can state I DID NOT CHECK that. I have no interest in cloud or AI, wouldnt check that.

As I said, for some customers it is defaulted to checked. Also, that one is the one for Cam Plus Unlimited they are currently using. The previous versions were for Cam Plus and were smaller.

Going back to your purchase receipt will show if it was on there. You might also be able to see it within your Orders History in your account at

Looks like some progress was made. Attached message is from WayzeMatt

No attachment, but yes. I did see his multiple posts about the great changes made today. Matt has been very responsive and proactive about keeping Wyze Subscriptions Customer Friendly and worth the investment customers make when subscribing. I have been a subscriber to Cam Plus since I plugged in my first cam and an Unlimited subscriber when I hit 7 cams. I have never had a Cam that wasn’t subscribed. For me, the service is worth every penny.