Satellite chimes for Doorbell Pro

That’s correct. the non-Pro Doorbell does support multiple chimes. I have two connected to mine.

FYI, you can get echo dots at for $7.99. Free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.
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Thanks Stefan,
Are extra chimes paired with the doorbell at factory or can they be added later?
Are chimes WiFi connected or Bluetooth?
How many can the doorbell support?

Door bell Pro can only support the 1 Wi-Fi connected chime it comes with it.
The older version Doorbell (not the PRO) I believe can support 5 chimes.
You pair them.

You can add them later. One of my chimes came in the Video Doorbell kit. I bought the other later. (Wyze sells single Chimes for, IIRC, $15.) They are definitely not connected by Wi-Fi. I suspect they’re connected via a proprietary mechanism since I didn’t do any Bluetooth pairing for them.

Wyze recommends pairing no more than four chimes. More than that might cause a delay.

Extra Chime for Door Cam Pro

Would like to put a second door chime in our house.


Many of us would like to add a second chime to our Video Doorbelll Pro, but the Pro model does not take more than one chime. My son bought me the Pro thinking that it would take a second chime. We were both disappointed when we learned that it could not do that.

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I found this out after the fact as well. Really disappointing.

I’m going to give it the appropriate review on Amazon.

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Same issue here and genuinely surprised that this product is so poorly thought through, shame on their PM… Also it’s been 1.5 years and no one from Wyze team seems to care about to this thread…

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Like the others, I was shocked to find that you can get satellite chimes for the cheaper model but not for the Doorbell Pro. Makes absolutely no sense and whoever made that decision obviously needs to rethink it. Please explain the thinking behind that poor decision.

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We have been coplaning since the Pro came out and I don’t believe they have even touched on this concern of Pro buyers.
They are surely losing sales of satellite chimes for the Pro, but apparently don’t care to even look at this thread.

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Multiple and backward compatible chimes for WYZE Video Doorbell

I recently installed a Wyze Video Doorbell Pro. I had an older Wyze doorbell and would like to use the older chime in conjunction with the new doorbell and the supplied chime. This would be handy for remote areas of the home that you may not otherwise hear only 1 chime. It seems a waste for me to throw away my old Wyze doorbell and chime. What a great way to improve and recycle older Wyze technology!!


My wife & I have significant hearing loss, & she can’t hear the chime (on loudest setting) unless she’s in the same room. I’d buy one for each room in the house if only Wyze would make it possible. This, plus the fact the doorbell cam won’t record longer than 20 seconds & records nothing unless it’s within 12 feet, regardless of the detection settings, is making me consider other options.

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New to the forum and it seems this has been going on for a while. I thought they finally addressed this and I ended up returning my doorbell pro because of this reason!
I am baffled as to how they are not able to add the functionality of adding chimes when the original can.

And you can even purchase a wireless doorbell from Amazon than comes with 2 chimes (of course no camera) – but the point is, for a pro model and expected to be a more developed version of the original wyze doorbell, why this functionality is not available is a bad move for this product,


Couldn’t agree more. Major blunder IMO, I can’t believe the cheaper model can add chimes while the more expanesive PRO can’t.


I would have gone with a different product as well.


Still waiting for them to correct this terrible oversight.

It is ridiculous that WYZE have all but ignored the posts on the chime repeaters for the pro not even a woops this was an oversite

Agree. Definitely a black eye for an otherwise forward-looking company.

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