Satellite chimes for Doorbell Pro

It is surprising that the Doorbell Pro doesn’t allow for additional/remote/satellite chimes, like the original doorbell. This is an excellent feature, and should have been a no-brainer to bring into the new product.

I agree, I would like to have an additional chime for our downstairs. However, I would also be happy if it could use Alexa Echo devices as doorcambell chimes. And ideally, if the video doorbell could ring Echo Show devices with video/audio, that would really be something!


Please let us use chimes from Wyze Doorbell with the Wyze Doorbell Pro!


Right after I purchased a couple of additional chimes for the Wyze Doorbell, the Wyze Doorbell Pro was announced. I preordered the Pro, and just received and installed it.

I was very disappointed to find I can’t use my original chimes with the Pro. We have a three-story house, and one chime does not cover the house. I understand the need for the “special” chime that comes with the Pro, but I would think it would be possible to add additional “regular” chimes to extend coverage.

I hope this is a feature that can be added soon.



I agree, there should be no reason why the regular chime should be able to work with pro


I assume you mean there is no reason the regular chimes should NOT be able to work with Pro?

My Pro shipped yesterday… I’m very excited to be upping my smart-home game! Hopefully I can get some extra chimes before too long.


Completely agree!


Found exactly the same thing. Super disappointed that the pack of chimes that I just bought to cover my entire house won’t work now.

The fact that I can’t even buy more wyse pro-chimes is super disappointing. Basically, back in the same waiting game that I was with the first doorbell.


I would also like to see doorbell pro support for additional chimes. I cannot hear the doorbell in my basement office next to the HVAC unit. Would greatly appreciate support for additional chimes.


Me too!


So nobody from wyze like to comment on those who bought Extra chimes for door bell now door bell pro out they wont work and no additional chimes available. Come on surly easy software fix


We had the same issue with multiple story home. While reading the info on the additional chime;2 Open the Wyze app, select an LIGHT INDI
installed doorbell, and in the
device page, select Device
Settings → Extended Devices →
Add Device. Follow the instruction
to finish installation.
3 Connect multiple Wyze chime
devices,please repeat the steps2.
Notice: 1. Wyze Chime can connect to
Wyze Video Doorbell. Please refer to the
Wyze Video Doorbell manual for details.
We thought Great!!
Then, “sorry will not work with Pro” we found out the day we received it.


And we saw this before we ordered:

How many Wyze Chimes can I add to one Wyze Video Doorbell?



July 20, 2021 03:24

No limit, but we suggest no more than 4.

Although there is no limit to how many Wyze Chimes you can add, we recommend no more than 4 chimes. You may experience a delay with 5+ chimes attached to one doorbell.

I so wish I didn’t have to make a choice between the better door bell or the better chimes. One of many slips from Wyze on apparently easy no-brainer choices.

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Same, but Google smart speakers here

Extra chime for a video doorbell pro.

I contacted your support to find out how I can purchase an extra chime for my video doorbell pro so I can know when someone is ringing my doorbell when I am out back on my patio. To my amazement, I was told that you do not offer them. And to further my amazement, I was told to post it here on this forum rather than the guy that answered my email telling you that people are asking for this. [Mod Edit] You have a great product but I guess I have my choice. be unaware of someone ringing doorbell when I am inside or be unaware of my doorbell ringing when I am on my patio. [Mod Edit]

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Hi, Jhon… yes, we’ve been asking for this very obvious feature for a long time. Wyze is more interested in bringing out new products than fixing the ones they already have (there are other products with obvious, long-standing deficiencies, as well). If we keep posting here every time we can, perhaps they’ll come around.


Hi, jeffwelsh_2000… yes, very disappointing. This is a no-brainer feature, especially since the lower-end door bell offers it. We’ve been asking for a long time, but Wyze doesn’t seem on improving existing products - only bringing out new ones.

Let’s keep making noise here, and they might come around.

Yes… very disappointing that Wyze isn’t listening to us. We’ve been asking for this no-brainer feature for a long time now.

The easiest fix would be for the satellite chimes on the wyze doorbell to work on the wyze pro model, Thats the crazy thing


Agreed! I’m really not sure why they made a different chime, in fact… they could have just used the same, perfectly serviceable, one they were already tooled up for.