Satellite chimes for Doorbell Pro

This is for sure a no brainer. The chimes are tooled and being sold with the Doorbell Pro and could be purchased by Wyze and sold through Home Depot who seem to be doing a good job of selling the Doorbell Pro. I replaced a doorbell with four chimes that plugged into electric outlets and I could hear my doorbell everywhere. Now I have to get lucky to hear it.

I replied to the non answer I got from Wyze. They wrote back and told me that they will not be offering extra chimes for video doorbell pro. That they are paired at the factory and they will not offer additional ones. I assume that is because they can’t pair additional ones with the hardware and that was the design. I solved my issue by putting the chime out back and buying a 19 dollar echo dot for my living room and enabled the Wyze feature on it so it will tell me when someone pushed the button. I can now hear it inside and out. My solution is probably cheaper than what they would charge for the additional chime anyway. This is a great device except for the additional chime issue. So far superior to the Ring that it replaced. I don’t think they thought this one through or it was a cost factor that made them do it this way.


Surprising and ridiculous. My disabled friend has the chime in his bedroom, but the chime can’t be heard in much of the rest of his house. Another poster says Wyze told him the chimes are paired at the factory, but that claim is dubious since there is a pairing process during installation, and it’s possible to purchase additional chimes for the original doorbell.

Yo can only buy additional chimes for the basic doorbell. Apparently Wyze thinks that people EITHER want good video OR additional chimes, but the same person couldn’t possibly want both things. OR they are planning on bringing out a much more expensive V3 which can combine, expecting that people will pay twice for what should have been included first time.

But… not sure why we’re complaining here. Wyze doesn’t read anything which happens on this forum.

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I need additional chimes!

I wish I had known this before I purchased extra chimes. Please fix this and don’t make us buy pro version of chimes. I am getting tired of buying new updated versions of cameras because they are not backwards compatible. I have a v2 camera that is strictly used as a sensor bridge because the newer cameras don’t support the bridge and I don’t want to buy a newer base station that requires monitoring just to let me know if my doors are closed.

Plus one !! Need additional chime for basement.

So you can buy additional chimes for wyze doorbell, but not doorbell pro? When can we get separate doorbell pro chimes?

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Second Chime for Doorbell Pro

Would like to see an option in the future to add an additional chime to the Doorbell Pro.

I don’t think the device is capable of it. They told me they have no plans to make them and I know they would sell a ton of them.

I would think its a software fix, We have been complaining about this for months, a lot of people have.
People with multiple floors or large 1 floor homes cannot hear just one Door bell.
We were very exited about this Wyze company, American made equipment, and good reviews.
Then we find out the Doorbell Pro cannot support but only one bell.
We also read in a forum before we bought the Doorbell Pro the door bells can handle many bells, Unfortunately they
were NOT talking about the PRO.
We do hope they fix this problem.

“The future” is usually obsolescence in the tech industry. What could possibly have lead them to think consumers would not want additional chimes, especially since their other product has them.

At least give us the option to have the doorbell ring the Google Speakers in our house. I have many of them throughout my house and they would work perfect.

They work on my Alexa stuff. I would think they would work on Google.

I wish they would but from everything I have read they don’t announce/ring on Google Speakers even though they will announce on Alexa. Very frustrating since I can only hear the chime when I am on my main floor but I have a basement and a 2nd story.

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My problem was we spend a lot of time out back by the pool. So I had to put the chime out there and give access to one of my Alexis for indoors. You might be able to pick up a cheap echo dot for 10 bucks somewhere and use it. The last few echo dot’s I got were close to free.

I can probably find some for cheap just prefer to stick to one system and I have a ton invested in Google for speakers, etc. but went with Wyze for Cameras, locks, plugs, etc. for their affordability. Never been much of an issue until getting the doorbell. It did take a while for the lock to be supported in Google Home app but I am questioning if doorbell will ever get the proper support.

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The answer is no. It’s been over a year since Wyze broke support for playing doorbell event videos on certain phones. (Search the forum for Error code 9.) It used to work, but no developer has taken (or been given) the time to review the source control history to see what change broke it.

So, no, I wouldn’t hold my breath for support.

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Great thought. Thx

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