Wyze Doorbell Pro without Chime?

When watching the video on the new Doorbell Pro, it was stated that the new Chime for the Doorbell Pro is required to be used to set up the Doorbell Pro.

I am planning on putting the Doorbell Pro on an outbuilding that will not have an open electrical plug for the Chime, and really don’t have a use for Chime at all. My concern is when watching the official video on this, it stated that the doorbell will not work without the included Chime as a security feature (Which is strange, if it’s locked to your account like the Wyze Outdoor Cameras, not sure why this feature is needed?).

My questions are (For those that have it installed or someone from Wyze):

  1. After I configure the Doorbell Pro, can I toss the Chime in a box and not use it and put the battery powered doorbell on my outbuilding.
  2. If you “must” use the Chime, are they both connected via Wifi or limited to Bluetooth range?
    2.a If you “must” use the Chime, and it and the Doorbell Pro are connected over Wireless, if they are on the same Wireless network would they work together fine (IE, pop open the case, break the wires to the chime so it’s quiet, and then plug it in elsewhere with a plug on the same Wifi network but outside of Bluetooth range)
  3. I have multiple outbuildings that I wouldn’t mind attaching this to as well, Can you attach multiple Doorbell Pro’s to a single chime (Or none preferred).


The Video Doorbell Pro requires the Chime for connectivity. The Chime connects to you WiFi and the VDBP talks to the Chime. Not sure what the connectivity to the chime is but it is not BlueTooth as I see it. In short, you will need the chime to use the Doorbell.

No, the VDBP will stop working

No, the Chime connects to your WiFi, the VDBP will connect to your Chime.

I don’t believe you can, but I will defer to another to answer this question.


That’s an usual use for the doorbell, to use it only as a battery powered camera. How about using a Wyze Outdoor Camera? It is battery powered, has better range, and you can even attach a solar panel to it. :slight_smile:

The Wyze Outdoor Camera has the exact same issue, it’s tied to a proprietary “base” that is then connected via Cable or Wireless, and only 4 cameras can be tied to each base, so if you have a decent amount of coverage needed, you will need to have multiple bases. Which makes them useless to anyone that has a mesh network set up and doesn’t have power for those bases. I have some, they are “ok” at best.

Honestly sounds like the new Doorbell Pro is just the Outdoor Tech with a new chassis. :frowning:

Just out of question, any official answer from Wyze?

Do you have a new question? Most everything you asked has been answered.

Can the Doorbell Pro be used without the Chime? No. That is how the doorbell communicates with the world. It is not a security feature; it is a communications requirement.

The Chime is connected to the Doorbell Pro via Bluetooth, and to the router over WiFi. Think of it as a communications Bridge, or Base, not just a Chime.

You can’t connect multiple Doorbell Pro’s to a single Chime ATM. There is always the chance they may enhance these capabilities in the future, but don’t wait for it.

Is the Doorbell Pro an Outdoor Camera in another chassis? No. The Outdoor Camera does not use Bluetooth, and its range is better.

I see your answer, I don’t see it documented in their documentation :slight_smile:

I disagree with your last statement, this is exactly like the Outdoor Camera. It will not work on Wifi natively (As others (Reolink, etc) and needs a “hub, base, or bridge” to communicate with a network.

End result is the same, new two devices to connect one device to a wifi network, can’t toss the “chime” in a box and simplify the installation.

Thanks for your reply.

The Outdoor Camera does not need the Base Station to work over WiFi in Travel mode. The first section in the procedure below tells you how to set it up for Travel Mode without needing to take the Base Station with you on the road (you connect directly to the camera’s WiFi):

Now granted, it still won’t work off your home network without the Base, but it really needs the Base as an extender to get good range.

is there a way to lower the volume of the tune when the wyze doorbell pro 's circle button is pressed?

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Doorbell Pro settings > Chime > Chime Volume

it can only control the volume of the chime, but not the device put outside the door. whenever the button is pressed, there is a high tone , that tone cannot be changed at the app.